Indolent Internet Digest 9

Manila tech start up Pencil Rocket has come out with, a website that allows you to report abusive taxi drivers. The complaints, or “kicks,” are forwarded to the Metro Manila Development Authority and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.

Recent kicks on the site paint a picture of cab drivers who are rude, who short change passengers, give generally bad service, and serve cold pizza.

Photo from sofimi on Twitter

Indolent Indio is still verifying reports that Ver.2 will also give copies of complaints to the local TBS13 (and similar local gang) in the area so they can actually kick cabs.


And since we are on apps, Commission on Elections spokesman James Jimenez has an idea to pitch to developers: The Reality Check App (Recapp), for politicians and pundits who harp on about why X country has this but we don’t.

They can peer at the innovation or the thing or WHATEVER through their smartphones and voila! up pops information about how much that innovation would cost if it were to be implemented in the Philippines, how much money the organization actually has, and what they’re gonna have to cut spending on if they really want to see that innovation implemented.”


Diario Filipinas is our go-to source for news from the front and on the revolution. They live-tweeted the execution of Dr. Jose Rizal and have been keeping us updated on militarization in the countryside.

They are on Twitter, but may not be for long. Their latest exclusive: Polavieja may be preparing for an offensive against the rebels by February. Leaked rebel documents indicate they have been preparing against attacks since December.


Also in fighting the powers that be, somebody apparently defaced the Wikipedia page of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona, changing his title to ‘thief justice’ and implying a special relationship between him and court administrator Midas Marquez.

Militant gays were quick to condemn the gay-bashing, but apparently not the “Thief Justice” tag because although politicians and government officials can be persecuted, they are in no way marginalized.

We totally deplore this heinous way of using gay slurs for launching political attacks between the opposing sides in the impeachment trial,” declared Goya Candelario, spokesperson of ProGay, in a statement.

This was followed by an urgent appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to help keep the site running.


RELEVANT: The Top 10 grilled liempo (pork belly) in Metro Manila, according to
Like its distant cousin Pep.Ph, the comments section is all kinds of classy.

“Baliwag? Seriously?! haha. mas masarap pa dun sa ‘liempuhan’ beside SPUM”–Spot reader ‘dc’

“Their liempo are too crispy and are major rip-off. Now worthy for its cost. its not even crispy. Darn.”–Spot reader ‘skies’

Truly, if a Filipino can express a contrary opinion without any consequences, he will do it.

The Filipino will also eat pork belly despite the consequences


And since we’re on that, here is former Department of Tourism undersecretary Vicente Romano III* on people hating on the new tourism slogan announced last week:

You see the new DOT slogan trending and creating a lot of positive buzz. You tell yourself, “this is too good to be true.” So you google “It’s more fun in” and true enough, it’s been used before by Switzerland.

Never mind that Switzerland used it way back in 1951. Or that there was “Truly Tuscany” before Malaysia’s “Truly Asia”, Amazing Australia before Amazing Thailand, and Incredible Italy before Incredible India.

No. We can’t stoop down to their level. Iba ang Pinoy. Kailangan Orig!”

This was, by far, the classiest response to negative feedback to “It’s more fun in the Philippines.” The least classy was probably from one Twitter/real-life celebrity who, when some girl from the US dared say the slogan was “the stupidest thing ever” because it’s not true that it’s more fun in the Philippines, called her out with a “self-hating Filipino, much?”

It turns out the girl had had deep personal reasons for not liking the Philippines. Twitter/real-life celebrity backed off, eventually, after reminding the girl to “think before you click.” Lesson learned! Also, “Internet tough guy, much?”

Comelec’s Jimenez has this to say about that:

Just because someone disagrees doesn’t make them a downer – a negatron, someone tweeted. Doesn’t make them an enemy either, or a de-stabilizer. Very few people on twitter are actually anti-PHL, but nearly all are opinionated. This is a good thing.”

And finally, here is a strip from web comic/blog Cereal Saturdays that will never get old (unlike the experience of shopping with troll parents):

*For context: Former Department of Tourism undersecretary Vicente Romano III left government service over the last tourism logo and campaign, which was found to have been very similar to a tourism campaign for Poland. The DOT quietly dropped its “Obejrzyj prezentacje o Polsce” campaign soon after launch.

Indolent Internet Weekly Digest 6

Every weekend, Indolent Indio tries to come out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.) Quality, quantity, content, and success may vary.

The Philippine military is considering a Cold War-era ship-lease scheme with the United States to help contain Red China!

An LGBT group believes there have been 28 deaths this year from hate crimes against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered Filipinos. Of 103 death since 1996, 42 have been in Metro Manila. Meanwhile, UP Diliman’s Oblation (it’s just a model) dressed in drag for a Pride march this week, but was still quite naked, really.

Journalist and blogger Raissa Robles on Mayor Sara Duterte, who punched a court sheriff in the face Friday: “She was on the wrong side of the law but on the right side of right. ” Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim (Motto: “The Law Applies To All Or Else None [Sic] At All”) says he would have done the same thing.

Meanwhile, BusinessWorld columnist Luis Teodoro writes about someone else who broke the law and who thought he was on the right side of right.

Meanwhile, PH Azkals play a home game against the Sri Lankan Other Dudes.

Story on actress Maricel Soriano’s maid on GMA News Online: ‘Dinirty finger niya po kami’
Also, she apparently beat her up.

And here is activist band Talahib singing “Bumangon ka, Igorotan” for the Igorots, who, as comedian Candy Pangilinan knows, are our common ancestors.

Indio Internet Weekly Digest 4

Every weekend, Indolent Indio comes out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.)

Quality, quantity and content may vary.

thx, pinoychan /b/

thx, pinoychan /b/

Vice President De Castro wins overpriced, low-quality swag, loses P100 thousand to Aowa scammers.

Hay Men! still getting hits over basically the same joke.

SilentSketcher imagines a FastFood Mafia.

Of particular note: Ron “The Don” McDonald and Grimace.

Humanap ka ng pundit: New Philippine Revolution falls for Sen. Manuel Villar, Jr. giving away houses on Wowowee.

Valby says: “people seem to think that we’ll all get Camella Homes if he wins.”

Aptly, Villar’s pre-campaign web site is called Akala Mo.

Ricky Remembers things that you may have forgotten from the ’80s and ’90s.

Internet royalty Reyna Elena launches ‘online’ yellow ribbon campaign for Pres. Corazon Aquino. Everything from protest to moral support is 2.0 now.

FreshManila is selling “Idol Ko” Hayden Kho shirts.  Go get ’em, “Eric Cruz”!

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Indolent Internet Weekly Digest 3

Every weekend, Indolent Indio comes out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.)

Quality, quantity and content may vary.

Brought to you in part by C.P. Garcia Fine Fashion

Brought to you in part by C.P. Garcia Fine Fashion

Group pickets outside Belo Medical Group clinic over botched butt job.

Free as in speech: Actual cost of that “free” iPhone from Globe Telecoms could reach up to P119,976.

Our Awesome Planet seeks out the origin of Lechon Bread: bread in the shape of a roast pig (but still bread.)

Sort of related: a defunct blog reminisces on Orange Swits.

Elsewhere in fun food, chipper cupcakes. Fist-sized orgasms for your mouth.

Batang Baler mourns the commodification of Baler, Aurora in the form of “pirated” inauthentic statement shirts: “If you buy this shirt, you’re probably gay and not from Baler.”

Japanese fast-food joint Teriyaki Boy talks down to Chicken Mafia’s Joyful Chicken: “Puro hilaw po yun. Okey lang?” (“It’s all raw. Is that okay?”)

(On a personal note, my girlfriend and I have shunned TB after their Gateway branch poisoned us with bad sushi.)

Blatant mining of the ’90s gangster in an Impala trope aside, this video by Dcoy feat.Artstrong & Luke Mejares is, as they say, hella tight. Uh…

The Siege Malvar’s How To Put Make Up on Dead People. Big Band and blush-on. God…damn. Not sure if trap.

Humanap ka ng Pundit: Joey De Venecia calls House Speaker Prospero Nograles a “leadership totally out of touch with the will of the people.” Because, you know, his dad was never the president’s lackey.

Indio Internet Weekly Digest 2

Every weekend, Indolent Indio comes out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.)

Quality, quantity and content may vary.

"Meh Ganon?"

"Meh Ganon?"

Prof. Luis Teodoro says the Internet has allowed a class of “Epsilon semi-morons to throw at the world at large anything that comes into their so-called minds — bad grammar, worse logic, total ignorance and all.” Well, this is a brave new world, indeed.

<s>ettle natin ito: Sandwich vocalist Raimund Marasigan allegedly mauled some dude at an FHM party. Get into the action before it turns into a typical PEP thread of Kapuso vs. Kapamilya.

Ateneo Fashion Watch, an Ateneo fashion blog is born, pushing the Philippines ever closer to an all-out class war.

(UPDATE: The Siege Malvar calls our Ateneo Fashion Watch, and raises with Green Olympus, a tumblog of “gods and goddesses” from De La Salle University. Well played, Mr. The Siege.)

BetterPhilippines (if that’s even his real name) is peeved at politicians (or their paid hacks) following him on twitter.

Humanap ka ng pundit: Filipino Voices tackles bottled water, and how it’s a scam (long debate on why it’s a scam in the comments.)

tl;dr= bottled water is a scam.

Indolent reader Filo sends this video of Capt. Barbell flying backwards.

Also, Facebook: The Movie? I hope it’s an action flick based on Mafia Wars.

Blogger Brian Gorrell is taking a break from blogging due to health issues in case you were wondering whatever happened to him.

Douche bag Richard Gutierrez gets his libel case against PEP thrown out by the court. (As always, the comments section is the best social barometer.)

Indio Internet Weekly Digest

Every weekend, Indolent Indio will come out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.)

Quality may vary.

How much is your idealism? Ako Mismo dog tags on for P100.

Humanap ka ng Pundit: the pundits at Filipino Voices debate on bomb scares and a possible Martial Law II.

Archive footage of the laughable and short-lived Pinoy Wrestling.

And the roster of Pinoy Wrestling superstars.

Ms. Clavel is a magazine about sneakers.

Aswang Puto by Huck Gee:

Out in August

Out in August

Two actresses squabble over who was rude to who first. Inconsequential? 1,611 commenters beg to disagree. No, really. They beg to disagree.

OLD’D: The friendly neighborhood nuclear phycisists at pinoychan’s /sci/ irradiate spiders.

4 “Drugs” Of The 1990s

Judging from the drug cartels that have allegedly infiltrated show business circles and the recent nationwide drug testing in schools, the Philippines must be awash in narcotics of all kinds.


Things were not always this way, though. Back when all the addicts had to go on were meth and marijuana, people went to great lengths to get high. High enough to believe that totally non-narcotic products could give them some sort of buzz, at least.
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The Indolent Indio Reader

For Independence Day ‘09, The Indolent Indio is publishing a series of posts that touch on nationalism, freedom, and crass comedy.

This is us cheating by reposting old stuff you may not have seen yet.

We put this here so you'll think we're credible

We put this here so you'll think we're credible

Top 5 Things To Thank Spain For

“Bad as they were, our Spanish conquerors did not spend all day dreaming up ways to make us miserable. They made us miserable by their very existence, milking our labor and resources to feed their empire. Still, we have to admit that their centuries as our overlords left us some good things too.”

Veneration Without

“Every settlement in this country that rates a paved main street has a street named after Dr. Jose Rizal.”

Fighting Spirit Award

“Decisive set-piece battles are not in the Filipino subconscious. When we say patay kung patay, we mean our willingness to kill, not to die.”

Divide, and Conquer

“The Philippine Revolution, you say? Which one? The Katipunan was made up of factions that acted independently of each other except during elections and such (and not even then, if Andres Bonifacio has anything to say about it.)”

7 playground lies we fell for in the ’90s

If there’s one thing that characterized a ’90s childhood, it was lies. In an age before Google could pretty much debunk any false claim, kids took turns one-upping each other’s bullshit just to seem cooler, richer, or both, than everyone else in school.

Of course, the advent of the Internet made our teenage years even doubly angst-ridden. Not only did we have to contend with hormones and crippling insecurity, we had to find out that our classmate did not really see the Gokongwei snake-child lurking in the basement of Robinson’s Galleria.
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Films that have ruined my life with their lies

Jesuits are known for two things: running schools and mind tricks that will blow your mind. (Well, alright, also the Inquisition.)

For example, instead of boring shit like memorizing the periodic table, we were made to watch films and discuss what they meant. And they meant pretty much just one thing: God wants you to be good, but how you live your life is ultimately up to you.

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

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