Indio Internet Weekly Digest 2

Every weekend, Indolent Indio comes out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.)

Quality, quantity and content may vary.

"Meh Ganon?"

"Meh Ganon?"

Prof. Luis Teodoro says the Internet has allowed a class of “Epsilon semi-morons to throw at the world at large anything that comes into their so-called minds — bad grammar, worse logic, total ignorance and all.” Well, this is a brave new world, indeed.

<s>ettle natin ito: Sandwich vocalist Raimund Marasigan allegedly mauled some dude at an FHM party. Get into the action before it turns into a typical PEP thread of Kapuso vs. Kapamilya.

Ateneo Fashion Watch, an Ateneo fashion blog is born, pushing the Philippines ever closer to an all-out class war.

(UPDATE: The Siege Malvar calls our Ateneo Fashion Watch, and raises with Green Olympus, a tumblog of “gods and goddesses” from De La Salle University. Well played, Mr. The Siege.)

BetterPhilippines (if that’s even his real name) is peeved at politicians (or their paid hacks) following him on twitter.

Humanap ka ng pundit: Filipino Voices tackles bottled water, and how it’s a scam (long debate on why it’s a scam in the comments.)

tl;dr= bottled water is a scam.

Indolent reader Filo sends this video of Capt. Barbell flying backwards.

Also, Facebook: The Movie? I hope it’s an action flick based on Mafia Wars.

Blogger Brian Gorrell is taking a break from blogging due to health issues in case you were wondering whatever happened to him.

Douche bag Richard Gutierrez gets his libel case against PEP thrown out by the court. (As always, the comments section is the best social barometer.)