Campaign of Compromise

With magic man, and senator, Francis “Chiz” Escudero’s decision not to run for president (or at all) in 2010, our hopes of a perfect tandem have forever been shattered. Indolent Indio had been waiting to throw our support behind a superhero team up of Senator Richard Gordon with Escudero as his VP if for nothing else but to be able to say Dick-Chiz with a straight face.

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Too soon?

Life imitating art?

Powerful families operating above the law, and using violence to get what they want sounds like something out of an HBO TV-movie. Unless you’re in the Philippines, where the Sopranos have nothing on your friendly neighborhood political warlord.

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You Ask, Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers isn’t really known for being a source of reliable information (that’s what Wikipedia is for.)

It’s the same basic concept, really. Except instead of reading enyclopedia entries, you get to ask the Internet anything you want.

Sometimes it works,

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What fuel shortage?

Motorists who have been turned away from gas stations with no gas, and those who have been left with no choice but to stock whatever was available (suspiciously, the more expensive Shell V-Power) will be glad to know that the past few days were all just a bad dream.

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