New Year’s Resolutions For Every Filipino

1. Huwag maging pikon.

2. Henceforth, all LOLCats are just cats with bad grammar. They lost their LOLs, and will not have any pie.

3. No politician can instantly save us from poverty. We’re voting for a president, not Jesus. At any rate, he’d be disqualified as a nuisance candidate. I will act accordingly.

4. I will not vote for Manny Villar.

5. I will not reply to criticism against my presidential candidate/matinee idol/anyone with “bias ka kasi! (you are a bias, that’s why!)” I will not resort to ad hominem attacks just to show I am ‘not a bias.’

6. I will keep in mind that the success of one Filipino is not the success of the nation.

7. On the other hand, the nation’s failure makes me a failure too.

8. Not all drinking sprees have to end in violence.

9. I will accept that wearing the map of the Philippines on my shirt doesn’t make me nationalistic. Knowing the map, maybe.

10. I will vote for Indolent Indio in the 2010 Blog Awards.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

2009 Filipino Of The Year

2009 was not exactly a good year for the Philippines, but we did have our shining moments thanks to great Filipinos whose names will forever be honored for proving to the world that we are a world-class people.

People like boxer guy, pushcart teacher guy, Snoopy-wearing singer girl, and that hip hop dance crew have helped prove that our nation is more than just one of servants.

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4 Pinoy Christmas traditions (that have to go)

Noche Buena, midnight masses, drunken fathers hurling invectives at scared children. Nobody does Christmas quite like Filipinos. We’ve elevated the annual celebration of Christ’s birth into an art form. There are, however, some things that Christmas 2010 could do without. They bring nothing to the table, after all, and all too often take something away.

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QC mayoral race turns nasty

Welcome to the Nasty North.

Although it’s the city of the future, Quezon City proves that it is still in touch with its roots as it kicks off the festive election season with the traditional black propaganda campaign.

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Danton Remoto sa Senado!

The Philippine zeitgeist has hardly had time to forget how the  Commission on Elections denied gay rights group Ang Ladlad party-list accreditation for basically being gay, but its president Danton Remoto is already exploring other means to get to Congress, this time as a senator.

Promising reform and a departure from traditional politics (and one could argue that he’s definitely not traditional, being gay and everything), Remoto is running on a platform of education and human rights for all.

That’s cool, right? Our first openly-gay senatorial candidate (that I know of) is advocating politics of change! Maybe being discriminated against has made him realize the need to get rid of corruption and money politics!

And then you read this actual quote from an actual interview:

“As of today, I am running as an independent.  Baka bukas iba na ang kulay ng paru-paro (The butterfly may change colors tomorrow),” Remoto said, jokingly referring to shifting political alliances.

Asked which presidential candidate or party he wants to align himself with, Remoto said: “Kung sino ang magbigay ng campaign funds (Whoever will provide campaign funds).”

So, yeah. I guess the moral of the story is gays are just like everyone else.