Pangasinan: serious business

The provincial board of Pangasinan has passed–with one negative vote and two abstentions–a resolution inviting a South Korean firm to build two nuclear power plants there. Or did they?

Perhaps to cover his ass from the righteous indignation of environmentalists, provincial board member Alfonso Bince clarifies that “what we approved was basically an expression of our sense of willingness to host [the nuclear power plants], subject, however, to certain conditions.” So…


Meanwhile, board member Raul Sison explained his negative vote thus:

We should have been given enough time to study it. Because for me, when I hear the word ‘nuclear power plant’ I imagine it to be like an atomic bomb that will destroy all living things around us.

Unless he means putting up his own nuclear research facility, it’s highly unlikely that Sison will know much more about nuclear power even ‘given enough time to study it.’ After all, it’s been around since 1951, which is, incidentally, where Sison probably got that idea about atomic bombs and stuff.


When I think of the word ‘politician’, I imagine it to mean an educated, well-informed person trusted by the public to guide us towards national progress, but I guess i’m fucking wrong.

NP hits Aquino for ‘insulting Filipinos’

Patriotic Filipinos might want to get behind Nacionalista member and Iloilo vice governor Rolex Suplico who is taking Liberal presidential candidate Sen. Beningo Aquino III to task for insulting the country’s intelligence.

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Hey, paisanos!

Indolent Indio is now on formspring, twenty years after everyone else signed up.

Come on now. Just like that!

No Parking, No LTO Registration

Here’s a novel way to solve Manila’s parking problem (somehow): don’t let people without parking spaces at home buy cars.

Alliance for Rural Concerns Rep. Narciso Santiago III wants the Land Transportation Office to refuse to register cars whose owners do not have “a proof of permanent parking space for his automobile.

“People should be disciplined enough to be able to furnish their vehicles with the appropriate parking space inside their own lots,” Santiago says.


3 reasons Villar should be president

Reading a tweet about Sen. Manny Villar and his security convoy going the wrong way down a one-way street yesterday made me realize something.

Senator Manuel Villar Jr is the president we deserve.  Not the one we need, just what we deserve because if you really think about it, Manny Villar is us.

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Sen. Alan Cayetano: For Great Justice

2007 was supposed to be the revenge of the opposition, what with seven candidates in the opposition (eight if you count Sen. Francis Pangilinan), trouncing the administration candidates very soundly.

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