Lapid wants lighter load for schoolkids

This bit of news is a day old, but Senator Lito Lapid never gets old.

Lapid wants the country’s schoolchildren to carry no more than 15 percent of their weight in their schoolbags, a measure that Education Secretary Armin Luistro was quick to pooh pooh.
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President Aquino leaves mobile phone at home

Imagine that you’re at work and you find out you left your mobile phone at home. It happens to everyone, eventually. You’re in a rush to go and just assume your phone is in your pocket like it always is.

Pretty embarrassing but it’s not like you can’t just rush home to get it. Besides, who’s going to miss you?

Now,imagine that you’re the President of the Republic of the Philippines. And you’re in the US.

Now imagine that it’s not 1999 anymore when people didn’t check their phones every few minutes.

Indolent Indio T-Shirts



Gotta catch ’em all! It’s easy! There’s only 2!

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Miriam hits HK for acting like they’re all that

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has just filed a resolution against “provocative statements from a certain official of the Hong Kong administrative region” that were sent to Malacañang. (She means you, HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang.)

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Baby boy found alive in airplane cargo

Nobody likes being stuck on a flight with a crying baby but that’s certainly no reason to, I don’t know, chuck one in a garbage bag and put him in the cargo hold.
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Snake causes Bohol blackout

A snake knocked the entire province of Bohol off the power grid Friday. Power in the island province was cut off at around 1 pm.

The NGCP said that based on its field personnel’s investigation, a snake that crawled on transmission line caused the blackout.

It said a transformer in Ubay town exploded after the snake was electrocuted.

The supply of electricity from the geothermal plant in Leyte province runs through the affected transformer.

The NGCP said a replacement transformer from Tubigon town was expected to arrive in Ubay town around noon, but the power interruption may last until night time.

Damned snakes. First, it was Original Sin, and now this.

PNP training, possibly

I’ll just leave this here:

A picture of two Philippine policemen playing DOTA.

To Serve And Protect...The Ancients

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