Baguio: serious business


Baguio City has declared low-brow comedian Candy Pangilinan persona non grata in the City of Pines, and rightfully so.

Apparently, she opened her act in SM Baguio with this line, guaranteed to set back highlander-lowlander relations by at least 50 years: “akala nyo Igorot ako, hindi ako Igorot, tao po ako! (You thought I was an Igorot! I’m not an Igorot, I’m a person!”)

oh, no, you didn't...

oh, no, you didn't...

Not quite sure the crowd got the joke, she said it again, earning her a smack down from the Baguio city council. Which, really, was her getting off pretty easy considering how bad ass Igorots are. These people had the balls to go up against Lam-ang, the Ilokano Wolverine, once upon a time.

"the best there is at what I do, apo."

"the best there is at what I do, apo."

She apologized soon after, saying that she “did not mean to hurt anyone, especially the Igorots from whom I know our roots come from.” Patently untrue, she will soon also be banned from anthropology departments everywhere.

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