Notes on the Eraserheads Concert

As the band asked for a moment of silence for Eraserheads frontman Ely Bendia who had been rushed to the hospital, the emos and non-Manalo jologs outside the venue were jeering.

Had this been the ’90s, a riot would have erupted with 40,000 loyal E-heads fans beating the snot out of them. But the crowd’s calm, almost sedate reaction to organizers asking them to go home echoed  Ely’s adlib on Toyang: they tried to tell us we’re too old.

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New Made-up Word

Promodizer: Apparently, these are the guys who demonstrate new products and give out free samples at supermarkets. They work with merchandisers, I guess, since they’re usually paged together on supermarket PA systems. What merchandisers actually do is anyone’s guess.

Random: Emo Fashion Show Against Global Warming

LaSalle College International fashion students hit two hot topics with one  randomly-thrown stone: the emo subculture and climate change. Fashion with a conscience or a product of brainstorming after night alcohol-fueled, coked-up partying?

Says one designer: “We choose global warming and, like, emo because the people in emo… They are, like, crazy. I mean, they want to kill themselves. [Gibberish] We are also killing ourselves right now. Like, we’re destroying the world on ourselves. And, uh, emo and global warming has some connections to each other.”

Still can’t decide? Watch the actual video, and see how fashion can change the world (by making you want to go on a killing spree.)

Other themed fashion shows in the works:

Bangsamoro and Beads

Swarovski for Sulpicio Victims

Ninoy, Poverty and Pastels

Government failure to deliver basic services in favor of questionable economic gains, the environment, violence against women and their children, and the plight of Filipino migrant workers: The Fall/Winter Collection


E-heads Reunion Tix On Sale

Tickets to the reunion concert are now available at Ticketworld outlets and on their retarded website. P800 for General Admission,P1300 for Patron seats.

We bought GA tickets. At P800, that’s equivalent to ten late-’90s concerts each featuring two top-billed bands and a free drink. Oh, Inflation, that kind of loving drives a man insane.

(Thank you, pavliuts, for the heads up.)

A Picture Of All C-130s In Our Air Force

Yep, that's it.

Yep, that's it.

Until last night, we had what Sen. Richard Gordon calls “two and a half” C-130 Hercules aircraft. Two working planes and a fleet of spare parts.

We apparently lost one after it left Davao International Airport. Authorities haven’t ruled out the possibility of sabotage or a well-placed missile of some sort. Or maybe it got tired. I mean, with only two planes to serve the transport needs of our entire armed forces, the pressure’s pretty intense.

What The Country Is Not Good At:

Troopers of the PNP Special Action Force refer to their wives as Alpha and to their mistresses as Bravo, probably all the way down to Zulu.  This is a very practical way of doing away with names, but is also very obvious.

That, and the datkilab/tadbalik quasi-language pretty much prove that, as a people, discretion is not our superhero ability.

–OneTamad, Age 7

Dolphy and Vic Sotto, the New Dynamic Duo

Philippine comedy is a funny thing. By funny, we mean peculiar, if not necessarily humorous.

It is steeped in a fine tradition of physical gags, slapstick and sexual innuendo. Much like any Filipino tradition, it hardly changes. The setup and location may be different, the special effects more campy (or less so,) but in the end, you know someone is going to trip, or fall, or get hit upside the head. It’s like every episode of Kenan and Kel except the guys are less black, and probably not as good at sports.

That being said, Comedy King Dolphy and Comedy Prince Vic Sotto starring in a movie together is pretty significant. Aside from both being sex machines to all the chicks, they’re two of the most dominant people in the industry. It’s like De Niro and Pacino doing a film together, or Ocean’s 11 through 13 minus the Chinese guy and the nervous dude and that dude who looks like Stallone. Or, as Mikonawa (who does exist, honest) calls it, the Alien Vs. Predator of the Philippines.

Does this mean that Dolphy is about to step down from the throne and give way to Vic Sotto’s ascendancy? With a new marginally-funny lothario reigning as King of Comedy, what will this mean for Vhong Navarro and Bearwin Meilly (the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of Philippine Comedy)?

More importantly, will the movie actually be funny for a change?



The Koreans were a red-herring all along.

For months, we have suspected a secret invation from these kimchi-eating, Jesus-peddling aliens (OneT can charge me with xenophobia later, but I am an avid Edgardo Reyes kuko sa liwanag girl). Their numbers didn’t wane even in the face of our Pinoy muggers (our muggers can mug on an Olympic level. As long as no one drug-tests) and our top-brand, class-A urban pollution. They stayed for our mangoes and our collegiate-level English tutors (who, in turn, milked those cow-tits with expert hands). But now the real beast reveals itself.

GMA welcomes our new Skrull overlords

GMA, McCain, Kim Jong-il, and Dr Doom welcome our new Skrull overlords. Ah, then the Koreans are part of the conspiracy. At least, the North is.

This is not surprising and hardly unprecedented. What’s another colonizer, hey? As a matter of fact, what’s another charter change?

-PreMadonna does not believe in spoiler warnings