Bistek, Mike Defensor former pals, fashion victims

In the run up to the Quezon City mayoral election in May, former Arroyo lackey Michael Defensor accused then QC vice mayor Herbert Bautista of pocketing city money through non-existent projects and a rigged feeding program. It was a particularly nasty smear campaign with demands for Bautista to explain himself spraypainted all over Quezon City guerilla street-art style.

The smear campaign eventually led to Bautista being charged with plunder and Defensor losing his second election since turning out to be a bit of a douche.

But things were not always so nasty between Bautista and Defensor. Indolent reader FreeSince09 sent us this picture from back when the two were still pals. Judging from the sad clothes that the two politicians have on, this was probably taken in the late ’80s to early ’90s.

That dude in the middle is probably that other QC mayoral candidate, former QC Representative Anna Rosa Susano.


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