QC mayoral race turns nasty

Welcome to the Nasty North.

Although it’s the city of the future, Quezon City proves that it is still in touch with its roots as it kicks off the festive election season with the traditional black propaganda campaign.

Like this, but in black

Like this, but in black

As members of the legitimate press, we at Indolent Indio have well-placed sources who regularly give us reliable information on political issues in the form of anonymous text messages.

According to our source, who we can’t name, QC vice mayor, and Liberal mayoral candidate, Herbert Bautista has children with five women making him unfit to be the next mayor of QC.

There may even be a sixth if an implied relationship between Bautista and his running mate Joy Belmonte bears fruit.

Can you blame them?

Can you blame them?

Another source says that Bautista has been making money off “ghost” catering of nonexistent government events and conferences.

Asked to comment on the allegations, Bautista said that he does not even know what the bases for the allegations are. Except maybe that it’s traditional to sling a little mud every now and then if you want to considered a serious candidate.

After all, each election has to be painted not as a political exercise, but as a battle between good and evil. And Bautista is running against the purest hearts and cleanest consciences that the City of the Stars can muster.

Foremost among these worthies is former presidential chief of staff Michael Defensor, a former UP activist who has stood by the Arroyo administration against destabilizers and malcontents for nearly a decade.

Defensor has never been implicated in any scandal, and in every heart in Quezon City shines the name, shines the name, of Mike Defensor.


The Cleanest Man in QC

Another shining beacon of righteousness and morality is the Philippines’ own Joan of Arc, QC Rep. Annie Susano, defender of our morality against the pernicious Reproductive Health bill. Elevating the level of discourse and debate at the House of Representatives, and staying loyal to the President until she bolted the administration party, Susano is without a doubt honorable.

As are they all, all honorable men

As are they all, all honorable men

Rounding off this ring of honor is former QC mayor Mel Mathay, Jr., who is credited with making Quezon City smile with antics like not collecting our garbage on time (or at all).

To be fair, Mathay was probably an environmentalist ahead of his time. Maye he just wanted to show us that our refusal to reduce, reuse, and recycle would come back to haunt us.

Save the Earth!

Smile, QC!

A lesson that his successor Mayor Sonny Belmonte promptly forgot, sending garbage trucks to collect people’s trash twice a week. Had we stuck with Mathay’s program, the Ondoy floods might never have happened. Or at least it would not have been that bad. After all, we’d have had islands of trash that we could climb to escape raging flood waters. We could even have made a dam out of the things.

And against all that, all that Bautista can say for himself is that he was on the administration that made QC the most prosperous city in the country.


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