Excerpts From The Reproductive Health Bill Debates

The proposed Reproductive Health Bill has been the subject of heated debates in the houses of Congress, in churches and on the street.

House Speaker Prospero C. Nograles, to avoid a divided house, enjoined both sides of the issue to tackle the RH Bill through parliamentary debate.

The Indolent Indio’s correspondent in Congress gives us the salient points raised by either side at the House debates last week.

For the Reproductive Health Bill,

Rep. Edcel Lagman

(1st District, Albay, Lakas-CMD)

“The use of contraceptives for family planning does not make acceptors bad Catholics. But having more children whom parents can ill-afford to feed, educate, medicate, guide and love makes them irresponsible regardless of their religion.”

“We must appreciate free choice because freedom is the bedrock of republicanism and democracy.”

“There can be no inequity worse than maternal death because the miracle of life must not lead to the death of so many mothers particularly since pregnancy is not a disease.”

“The WHO has estimated that about 1 million infant deaths worldwide could be prevented with reliable family planning information and access to reproductive health services.”

Against the Reproductive Health Bill

Running for Mayor of Quezon City

Running for Mayor of Quezon City

Rep. Anna Rosa Susano

(2nd District, Quezon City, Lakas-CMD)


“This is about the budget! Mga magnanakaw kayo! (You are thieves)”

“You forged the signatures on your bill!”


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