Rep. Abante plays homophobe card

Manila Rep. Bienvenido Abante Jr (Lakas-Kampi) wants same-sex unions criminalized in the Philippines. He wants a 12-year prison sentence for this “highly immoral, scandalous and detestable act” that incidentally isn’t allowed in the country anyway.

Gays: I hate them so much

Gays: I hate them so much

He warns, though, that homosexuals could pass themselves off as being of the opposite sex in order to fool the government into giving them marriage licenses. And, when that “becomes a reality in this part of the globe, that would snap the remaining strand of our moral values.”

And then, the gays will have won. Because, you know, aside from wanting to have sex with each other and stuff, gays also want anarchy in the streets so they can commit random acts of gayness with wanton abandon. Shit, they’re just as bad as the godless communists. Or whatever.

“While there is no documented same-sex marriage yet in our country, the absence of clear legislation serves as an invitation to same-sex marriage,” he says. So, basically, he wants a law passed to punish people for doing what they’re not really doing anyway.

Well, as was once famously said, what are we in power for?


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