New Villar tactic: Run to mommy

Furthering eroding Tondo‘s image as a land of the tough, Nacionalista Party presidential candidate Senator Manuel Villar Jr. brings out the toughest member of his posse: his mother.

3 reasons Villar should be president

Reading a tweet about Sen. Manny Villar and his security convoy going the wrong way down a one-way street yesterday made me realize something. Senator Manuel Villar Jr is the president we deserve.  Not the one we need, just what we deserve because if you really think about it, Manny Villar is us.

Villar’s NP has no sense of irony

The Nacionalista Party, led by Senator Manuel Villar, Jr., wants Senator Benigno Aquino III investigated for allegedly lobbying for the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway. Said project allegedly benefited his properties, you see.

Manny Villar Has No Balls

Sen. Manuel Villar, Jr. has been selling the public his formula for success over the past few months. He says that the future of the nation is hinged on “two things: hardwork and perseverance.” And he does have these two things indeed, judging from the billion-peso empire he’s created in real estate. That being said, […]

Not All Womanizing

Besides, she said, Duterte’s marriage has been annulled, and so he is not really womanizing when he has multiple girlfriends

Pacquiao’s tax case is about money, not feelings

Listen. A government agency making the unpopular decision to actually run after a popular boxing champion (and lawmaker) is precisely the opposite of justice being selective.

Keep it clean, LP

It’s not difficult to believe the Liberal Party is behind these goddamned text blasts

The Do-Nothing Panel

The Senate Committee on Ethics and Privileges has spent more than a year crafting the rules it will use for ethics complaints. Those rules still don’t exist.

Same Old Story

A progressive political coalition forges an alliance with traditional politicians. Philippine elections: it’s joke time.