Danton Remoto sa Senado!

The Philippine zeitgeist has hardly had time to forget how the  Commission on Elections denied gay rights group Ang Ladlad party-list accreditation for basically being gay, but its president Danton Remoto is already exploring other means to get to Congress, this time as a senator.

Promising reform and a departure from traditional politics (and one could argue that he’s definitely not traditional, being gay and everything), Remoto is running on a platform of education and human rights for all.

That’s cool, right? Our first openly-gay senatorial candidate (that I know of) is advocating politics of change! Maybe being discriminated against has made him realize the need to get rid of corruption and money politics!

And then you read this actual quote from an actual interview:

“As of today, I am running as an independent.  Baka bukas iba na ang kulay ng paru-paro (The butterfly may change colors tomorrow),” Remoto said, jokingly referring to shifting political alliances.

Asked which presidential candidate or party he wants to align himself with, Remoto said: “Kung sino ang magbigay ng campaign funds (Whoever will provide campaign funds).”

So, yeah. I guess the moral of the story is gays are just like everyone else.


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