Baron Geisler Watch Update

Baron Geisler Watch

Mothers will not have to hide their daughters (or themselves)
just yet. Method actor Baron Geisler will stay in rehab for
three more months.

Geisler checked himself into Penuel House in San Juan
for his alcoholism and boob-grabbiness related to
his alcoholism.

The three-month rehabilitation period that Baron
subjected himself to ended last month.

However, the former child actor said he has decided
that the time he has spent in rehab has not been enough for him
to learn what he needs to learn.

“You know, kulang pa ang three months (the three months
was not enough, as already stated in the last paragraph).
So, I decided to stay longer,” said Baron.

Having to deal with a crippling social illness myself (lack of manners
and excessive shyness), I really do wish Mr. Geisler the best.

He has joined the Christian church that runs the rehabilitation center,
and now prefers sliced bread and peanut butter, apparently.


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