Baron Geisler Is An Instant Classic

PEP‘s coverage of the continuing adventures of Baron Geisler is full of both WIN and FAIL at the same time:

May kuwento pa na ipinaihaw pa raw ni Baron ang isang parrot at ginawang pulutan.

Pero napag-alaman later on na ang sinasabing “parrot” ay parrotfish, isang klase ng isda na kinakain daw talaga.

(It was reported that Baron even had a parrot barbecued to go with his beer.

But it was later learned that that the ‘parrot’ was actually a parrot fish.)

Baron Geisler would totally eat a parrot

Baron Geisler would totally eat a parrot

That is all.

(Thanks for the link, Juancho Bombero!)


  1. @onetamad

    Haha! Sir, I don’t remember dishing the link here as comment, are you on plurk?

    The Baron is always up for something epic. They should give him a show more than Jojo A. deserves one.

  2. Juancho Bombero, I am hardly a sir.
    The PEP link was clickable on your comment, and so I clicked. Funny stuff.

    I can’t read your multiply post, though, as it is locked (or something.)

    Also, we might get a twitter account soon, if the spirit moves.

  3. Juancho, I am,however, a man. So, no apologies necessary. I just don’t have a mustache, and am not a sir.

    Your multiply post is still marked private, dude.
    Re: contributing, I’ll have to discuss it with the other indios.

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