Miriam hits HK for acting like they’re all that

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has just filed a resolution against “provocative statements from a certain official of the Hong Kong administrative region” that were sent to Malacañang. (She means you, HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang.)

Defensor-Santiago says Tsang, “the head of a mere administrative region in China overstepped protocol by insisting that his telephone call and his letter should be received directly by the President of the Philippines” and whining about it.

Bow ties are also against protocolÂ

She says that Tsang’s phone call and letter should have been coursed through the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, or possibly through China President Hu Jintao.

So shut up, Hong Kong with your system of government that isn’t the same as China’s and your unique cultural and economic status as a Special Administrative Region! Take our non-binding, no-bearing resolution and shut up.


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