Filipina moms are getting sloppy

It hasn’t been a week since Plane Baby was found dumped in a garbage bag in a Manila airport and another baby has already been found in another garbage bag. This time in the rubbish bin in one of the toilets on SuperFerry 19, an inter-island passenger ship.

Sadly, the baby found on the SuperFerry was dead. The baby’s mother claims she blacked out as she was wrapping her kid in plastic and putting him in the garbage bag. When she came to, the baby had already drowned in the toilet bowl.

Inspector Jovy Cabcaban, head of the Bacolod City police’s Women and Children’s Desk, said the mother told investigators that she was wrapping the baby with plastic and was about to place him in a bag when she went unconscious.

Cabcaban said the mother denies that she intentionally killed and abandoned her own baby.

I don’t know how they do things in Bacolod, but wrapping babies in plastic bags and then stuffing them in the trash can counts for abandonment and being a sucky ass mother in Manila.

The mother insists that “Nawalan ako ng malay. Iyon lang ang kasalanan ko. Hindi ako nakahingi ng tulong (I blacked out. That’s the only thing I did wrong. I wasn’t able to cry for help).”

What the fuck, Filipino mothers? For a nation that gets most of its money from remittances by migrant workers employed as nannies and domestic helpers, we’re getting incredibly clumsy with our own children. It seems like when we’re not abandoning our children on planes, ships, and buses, we’re dropping them in the soup kettle.

No wonder more people in Hong Kong are hiring Indonesians as maids now. At least they just pee in the baby’s milk. That, at least, requires forethought, and a bit of malice. Letting babies die is just incompetence.