Dolphy and Vic Sotto, the New Dynamic Duo

Philippine comedy is a funny thing. By funny, we mean peculiar, if not necessarily humorous.

It is steeped in a fine tradition of physical gags, slapstick and sexual innuendo. Much like any Filipino tradition, it hardly changes. The setup and location may be different, the special effects more campy (or less so,) but in the end, you know someone is going to trip, or fall, or get hit upside the head. It’s like every episode of Kenan and Kel except the guys are less black, and probably not as good at sports.

That being said, Comedy King Dolphy and Comedy Prince Vic Sotto starring in a movie together is pretty significant. Aside from both being sex machines to all the chicks, they’re two of the most dominant people in the industry. It’s like De Niro and Pacino doing a film together, or Ocean’s 11 through 13 minus the Chinese guy and the nervous dude and that dude who looks like Stallone. Or, as Mikonawa (who does exist, honest) calls it, the Alien Vs. Predator of the Philippines.

Does this mean that Dolphy is about to step down from the throne and give way to Vic Sotto’s ascendancy? With a new marginally-funny lothario reigning as King of Comedy, what will this mean for Vhong Navarro and Bearwin Meilly (the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of Philippine Comedy)?

More importantly, will the movie actually be funny for a change?



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