Bankers behaving badly

Although not quite as rich, it seems employees of this US-based banking firm have learned to party like bankers from the 1980s.

According to our sources, these hotshot bankers held one of their “team-building” activities at a hotel in Manila and left the place in shambles. Not content with smoking on a non-smoking floor, they also peed all over the rented function room and covered the floor in multi-colored vomit.


It is not known if they also did coke lines on the backs of Pasay City prostitutes but once you cross the line and pee in the same room that you are having drinks in, all bets are off. To be fair, some of them did try to make it to the toilets. They just forgot to hold their pee until they got there.

Hang on, those guys aren't bankers!

No, the dudes in that picture are not bankers. And neither were the employees of that multi-national banking corporation, strictly speaking. Answering phones and doing back-end technical support for the banking industry does not make you a banker. It only makes you cheap labor. Acting otherwise and giving service staff a hard time makes you even cheaper.


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