A pressing question from Senator Pangilinan

Much has been said about President Benigno Aquino’s speechwriter and the wine reviews and anthropological studies on Vietnamese men she posted on Twitter.

Not much has been said of this tweet by Senator Francis Pangilinan, however:

Roughly, the senator asks: If you only have 30 hairs left on your head, would you rather they were clumped together or in separate strands?

Your correspondent is of two minds on this. On one hand, Twitter is a great way to keep tabs on politicians, celebrities, PCOS machines, etc. Because of the nature of Twitter, we get to see personalities at their more unguarded moments.

On the other hand, we also (unfairly) expect these personalities to act a certain way. Presidential speechwriters are expected to be presidential, senators to be senatorial, etc.

Faced with a senator apparently drunktweeting at 9 P.M., no standard solution exists.


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