Not everyone in Hong Kong hates us

Although most of Hong Kong probably hates us for what happened on August 23 and the days that followed,both sides have something to learn from the whole mess.

We need to get our shit together, for one thing. It seems being caught flat footed (either by flash floods or a hostage taker) is becoming a national pastime.

On the other hand, there’s also this, from HK-based blog Libertines Pub:

Thanks to Manila and its police force, we have come to the realisation that we are merely the play-things of luck and fate. Aside from the tragedy itself and the uselessness of the Manila police force, we are suddenly drawn back to investigate the tension between stability and chaos.

It’s a pretty sobering thought, and a bit of a downer. But at least there was no mention of idiots, monkeys, or Filipino idiot monkeys at all.

Pretty magnanimous of them considering the howl we raised when a columnist from Hong Kong referred to us as a nation of servants last year. And considering how no official apology has yet been made to the Hong Kong government for .

If they were a real pub, I’d buy every Libertine in it a San Miguel just to keep the discussion going.

yam sing!


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