Congressional Copy-Pasta

Either Pampanga Rep. Juan Miguel Arroyo has been a Leftist sympathizer all along, or he just doesn’t give a damn anymore because when you’re the President’s son, victory is pretty much a sure thing.

The Makabayan Coalition, composed of eight progressive people’s organizations, has accused Arroyo and the party-list group of tricycle drivers and security guards that he claims to represent of plagiarism.

Allegedly, Arroyo’s Ang Galing Pinoy party-list copied militant party-list Bayan Muna’s constitution and by-laws pretty much to the letter. According to Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares, the basic documents that Ang Galing Pinoy submitted to the Commission on Elections were very lazily copy-pasted.

A statement on the Makabayan web sitesums it up thus:

Ang Galing Pinoy was found to have plagiarized the following from the Bayan Muna Constitution even copying the exact number of articles and sections:

(i) Bayan Muna’s 10 point program in its Constitution, including its vision of establishing a nationalist and democratic government.
(ii) A word for word copying of Bayan Muna’s organizational structure and membership principles, even copying Bayan Muna’s provisions on Intermediate Leading Bodies and Barangay chapters.
(iii) Ang Galing Pinoy also copied Bayan Muna’s Special Provisions on the formation of alliances and regional parties and even how to generate funding and resources.

“Rep. Arroyo’s group is so completely detached from the marginalized sectors that it doesn’t even know the issues and condition of the poor they have to copy Bayan Muna’s declaration of principles and even organizational structures,” says Colmenares.

While probably true, a more simple explanation presents itself: Mikey is an asshole.

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