Nicole Reflux

Call it Nicole Reflux–or whatever it’s called when an alleged victim of  sexual abuse does a 180 and settles out of court and gives serious bloggers an excuse to be fashionably cynical– but it’s happened again. And it couldn’t have happened to a bigger douche bag.

This guy.

This guy.

Recently, Yasmien Kurdi filed a case against Baron Geisler for allegedly harassing her by copping a feel and masturbating in front of her. Words like “walang atrasan (no turning back)” and the fight for the dignity of women were thrown around.

Now, though, she just wants a public apology from Geisler. Judging from his awkward and drunken apology on “Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition,” though, where Baron pretty much blamed everything on a dependency on alcohol and then proceeded to act accordingly , the apology may come off more offensive than the original act.

(UPDATE: I guess she’s pursuing the case again.)