WTF, dude?


[UPDATE: Cat-killer Candare has been found guilty of cruelty to animals. He has to pay a 2,000-peso fine and do community service.]

Humor aside, what kind of sick fuck kills cats for fun, and then, because people got pissed off about it, says they wouldn’t do it again “for at least a month”?

Why, Joseph Carlo Candare, apparently.

I mean, come on, we’re hardly the first people to hug trees and participate in Earth Hour, but, come on. Dude didn’t even do it with a gun or whatever, he just threw it in the air and stomped on it.

Unluckily for you, Joseph Carlo–or John Conrad, as you sometimes style yourself– Candare, someone saw you and your blog post about it, and goddamn, the Internet doesn’t forget. I’m still living down a sad fan page I made on geocities in 1997, and rest assured, this is going on your permanent record, Joseph Carlo Candare of the University of the Philippines.

Nobody, not even your two boyfriends can stop the shit storm you’ve called down on yourself.

Not even them.

Not even them.


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