Xenophobia Begins At Home 2: Americans


The Americans are what good Filipinos want to be when they grow up.

What We Call Them:
Joe- From Victory Joe, we suppose. By default, all Americans are Joes regardless of race, creed or gender. That’s democracy at work.

Kano- An abbreviation of Amerikano.

Puti- For the sake of convention, all white people are Americans, and all Americans are white. This is globalization at work.

What We Say About Them:
The booming outsourcing industry has taught us several things: call center agents are a horny lot, that we speak better English than most Americans, and that most Americans cannot be bothered to read the user’s manual.

More traditional sources like balikbayan titos and popular culture have shown us that Joes are also brash, lazy, loud and generally come in second place in Pinoy jokes.

Why We’re Douchbags For Saying It:


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