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Times mentioned alongside plagiarism on GMA New Online

According to a non-scientific and totally haphazard survey conducted by Indolent Indio research staff, news website GMA News Online has 25 stories that mention plagiarism in the Supreme Court and four stories that mention PLDT chairman Manuel Pangilinan and his “borrowed” graduation speech.

Columnist and writer Krip Yuson, who has apologized for using another writer’s work in a piece he sent to Rogue magazine, is mentioned once.

The main story for Pangilinan’s plagiarism was annotated and even  included a video.  Yuson’s story only told us that “several paragraphs in Yuson’s article in Rogue Magazine were nearly identical to passages in a story by sportswriter Rey Joble published on GMA News Online.” Oh, and that Yuson is a better writer than all of us. Combined.

I’m hoping GMA News Online comes out with a statement on this. Something that says more than “Yeah, yeah, plagiarism. By the way, did you hear about Pangilinan’s graduation speech and that plagiarizing Supreme Court justice?”

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[EDIT: Yuson is no longer listed as an editor-at-large for GMA News Online. They must have been angry enough after all. All those hours on MS Paint gone to waste.]

[EDIT 2:  Removed some stuff after reading link above because I’m a pansy. Enjoy the infographic, though.]