PNP training, possibly

I’ll just leave this here:

A picture of two Philippine policemen playing DOTA.

To Serve And Protect...The Ancients

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When online electioneering goes too far

With the billions that he’s putting into his presidential campaign, Senator Manuel Bamba Villar Jr. might as well buy the entire Internet. He’s on Google AdSense, he’s on Twitter, he’s even on facebook, suggesting that you become his fan or friend or both.

He’s everywhere now, and he might just take it a little too far.

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GMANews.TV Doesn’t Know Cocks

We generally prefer to because there are fewer typographical and grammar errors (and ads.) Sometimes, though, they put up articles that leave us scratching our heads.

Consider this gem, for example:

Also in December, the Department of Health’s Web site was hacked to show DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III blowing on “penises.”

Now, we get that saying that a member of the cabinet sucks cocks is probably libelous. The paragraph asks more questions than it answers, though. Most nagging of which are: What was he blowing on? Were they penises? Or just things that looked like penises? Were they hotdogs? I mean, that’s a pretty easy call to make,

You don't need to be a doctor to know your penises...

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You Ask, Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers isn’t really known for being a source of reliable information (that’s what Wikipedia is for.)

It’s the same basic concept, really. Except instead of reading enyclopedia entries, you get to ask the Internet anything you want.

Sometimes it works,

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“Mikey Arroyo, expect us.” –Anon

Presidential son and Congressman Mikey Arroyo may have bitten off more than he can chew with his recent comments regarding the proposed regulation of the intertubes.

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Maling Akala

onetamadakalaWith at least half of the posts on Sen. Manuel Villar, Jr.’s pre-campaign campaign website blatantly singing him praises, there really is one logical conclusion to make.

Of course, there are also legitimate posts on his website. Like this one that reduced me to inconsolable weeping :


As always, the comment thread is open for your own Maling Akala.