Is Richard Gutierrez a hero?

Or does he just play one on TV?

File under quintiple hearsay:

Is it true? Yes or No?

Is it true? Yes or No?

We get it, Cristine Reyes was in FHM, and the baby wasn’t. Plus, they’re an on-screen couple, so I guess Gutierrez was just in character. But, come on, dude, it was a baby.

what the hell, man?

what the hell, man?

(thanks for the tip, itsawrap)


  1. Ang masasabi ko HE IS NOT A HERO A MORE LIKE
    IMPOKRITO. He is just using it to make him a
    good person in to the eye of the media n public
    people. Dba nakademanda sya ngayon dahil sa assistant nya na namatay sa car accident. Saka kung totoo syang tao at may awa sa kapwa bakit
    nya di tinulungan yung ibang tao na humihingi ng tulong sa kanya duon sa provident bkt kapwa artista nya lang ang tinulungan nya.

  2. hmmm…i was kinda expecting this. haha. and he said when he was interviewed “The agony and turmoil caused by the freak rain,it was an eye opener.” Too bad for the baby, it only opened his eyes.

  3. “@kuhlit: Baka kapamilya yung baby.” – nyahahaha.

    @onetamad: yeah man. you can see the ulterior motive a mile away. either he did it for promotion, to score(?), definitely vanity man. A Filipino’s favorite sin. 😀

  4. SuperStock_1560R-2054290.jpg

    richard’s heroism? bad publicity stunt gone worse. i would have been more convinced of his sincerity if he rescued common people/non-celebrities. early promo for PATIENT X? you bet.

  5. Hindi siya HERO, maraming lalaki na gustong ma rescue ang isang nilalamig at basang basang FHM sexiest girl 2010 nung araw na yun. Nagkataon lang na lahat kami nahaharangan ng ibang victims along the way kina Chrintine Reyes. POGI PONTS lang yung habol ni Richard Gutz. Wag magpadala sa kaplastikan please.

  6. Pick ko ung babe, kasi pwed naman kami gumawa ng baby/babies. Hehehehe, just joking.

    Richard u-Guk-tierrez is definitely a douchebag.

  7. … ‘yung ‘artistang’ si Christine lang talaga ang sadya niya…e’ ‘di dapat bumalik pa siya to rescue more, kung talagang gusto niyang makatulong…o kaya baka sa laki ng baha e, dinaga at natakot na siyang bumalik?…pero, tanging si Richard pa rin ang nakakaalam kung ano talaga ang kanyang tunay na ‘motibo…:-)

  8. …well utang na ni Christine ang kanyang buhay kay Richard…hinatayin na lang natin kung ano ang ‘kabayaran’…sa lahat ng ‘utang’, UTANG NA LOOB ang pinakamahirap bayaran…lalo na sa ating mga Pilipino…hehehe!

  9. Yeah, still…he got the girl. Appearance is reality, I guess.

    The stunt was sort of low, even for GMA, though. I mean, interviewing Rhian Ramos (stuck in floods on the way to the airport, i think) in lieu of news is one thing, but this?

  10. Exactly, and they all were in cahoots for the stunt. In reality, which one of you testosterone spiking men would not want to RESCUE a VERY SEXY, WET, COLD AND PORCELAIN SKINNED Christine Reyes? FYI: FHM’s sexiest in 2009. :D, I WOULD. Har har. Let’s all focus on the Electoral Candidates, It’s more FUN.

    @onetamad: Politics muna tayo please.

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