The Internet Comes to the Philippines (to die)


We Filipinos have been pretty slow when it comes to trends, but we do compensate for our tardiness with vigor and enthusiasm.

The emo look/lifestyle/philosophy, for example, took several years from the release of the first Dashboard Confessional single to take root in our tropical shores. Anyone who has been out this Christmas season knows,however, that 90% of the country’s youth now wears skinny jeans, large belts and scarves. It has gotten so bad that it has driven the original hipster middle-class emo kids to hard drink for being alienated once again.

The Filipino zeitgeist is the world’s social barometer, and once we pick something up, then a shark is about to be jumped, and a fridge is about set to be nuked.

It was the same thing with friendster, livejournal, myspace and other Internet phenomenon. We tended to be left out of the loop for a year or so, and then we took over the loop, created a wasteland, and called it peace.

Now everyone fears friendster because of the sheer volume of glitter graphics, flashing marquees (circa 1997), embedded music and douche-fags.

Myspace has probably gone the same way, and multiply and facebook are soon to follow if the proliferation of retarded facebook groups and applications are any indication.

2009 will be a landmark year for the Philippine’s crazy Internet world with the creation of “the first and only Filipino Image Board on the Net!” Inspired by 4chan and other imageboards, PinoyChan has given birth to the Filipino Anon and ushers in a new era of image macros, memes and general retardedness.

The difference between friendster and imageboards is that friendster used to be a nice place until glitter graphics. Imageboards, on the other hand, are where the dregs of online society have tended to gather. Being aberrant to start with, the infusion of Filipino blood into the mix is like splicing the Ebola virus with, say, smallpox and the genes of a wolverine. The sum of the parts and all that.

It’s still operating on auto-pilot at the moment, taking its cues from older, more depraved boards as it takes its first baby steps, but the floodgates have been opened. For better or for phail, Filipinos are about to fuck the shit out of the Internet.


  1. Better late and/than never.We Catched on late because many Pilipinos…..that includes me and you ????
    probably almost 90% have no time (because they are busy earning
    their livelihood) or no dependable and free access to the internet.
    When I was visiting last 2007, I have to pay 2 pesos/hour to use the
    internet. Bill Gate(d) donated $$$$$ to Africa to enhance the continent.For what ? Internet access.More customer for microsoft.
    Internet is good, it “expidites” things….that includes our demise as a
    human civilization. First the TV….we became Hollywood zombies,
    then the internet…we became the “blog heads” and “fart heads”.
    More people especially children dies of malnutrition related illnesses
    in the Philippines and the world- We neglected that real and pressing issues. Well, we intend to “clone us” very smart people and
    fart heads… rule the world ???? What world ? It is about to be incinerated… for a fire suit ? extinguishers ? No time…
    too busy blooging and farting.

    Delpilar Bonnifacio

  2. @ Delpilar: I disagree. I believe that the Internet has empowered a lot of us and given us voices. True, maybe 90% of the stuff out there is crap (the percentage is higher on this site,) but there are definitely gems out there.

    It’s like when SMS first came out, I guess. The new technology allowed anti-Estrada forces to mobilize within minutes to lay siege on the Edsa shrine. Whether that was a good thing or not, the technology was definitely a powerful tool.

    The same is true with blogging. If you’ve been following the Dela Paz-Pangandaman brouhaha, then you know that as with any technology, the Internet can be used for good or evil.

  3. That guy who founded PinoyChan deserves an internet. Sadly, Most Pinoys don\\\’t know these *chans or the culture itself. But still…

    And yeah, Time for the Filipino Anonymous (Juanonymous as the pinoy /b/tards call it) to wake up.


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