5 Cool Jobs Ruined By The Philippine Setting

Let’s face it, very few of us are doing what we really want to. I am, but that is because I am easy to please and have little ambition. But really, how many of us really dreamt of selling soap for a living, or answering telephones and helping Americans figure out their tech problems?

Given the Philippine setting, though, we may actually better off doing what we’re doing now, than if we’d followed our dreams. Here are five jobs we thought were pretty cool gigs, but do not quite translate to the third world.

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Lito Lapid: Harbinger Of Doom

As you may (or not) already know, there was a coup in the Senate of the Philippines earlier this evening. Those in the media will say that they were tipped off by sources, or that someone had leaked information about the secret resolution to withdraw support from then-Senate President Manuel Villar. But, really, the first real indication that something big was up was the attendance of Senator Manuel “Lito” Lapid, Harbinger of Doom.

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