1. For a moment there I thought-

    90% – FreeSince09 meant HE;
    10% – FreeSince09 meant PGMA (I mean, based on the context of what you wrote as related to the above)

    (but then, a bajillion people will disagree with you there)

    (and we’ll just watch the suplexes and bodyslams at ringside) (and you’ll need Vaseline) 🙂

    IMO, him being president in rather dicey.
    See Indio Internet Weekly Digest #4 (specif. the item where it says “Humanap ka ng pundit: New Philippine Revolution falls for Sen. Manuel Villar, Jr. giving away houses on Wowowee.” I’ve included here the first of a number of comments I put in that blog. At the time of this writing the author hasn’t published the rest of my comments just yet, though he did try to clarify his message in an article he posted today.*

    To be honest I was waiting for other Indolent readers to react to that article. Oh well, perhaps everyone’s busy.

    *@onetamad: In case NPR fails to post the rest of my comments by Monday morning, may I post them at IIWD4 as well?

  2. Haay, the caffeine just wouldn’t wear off! Ugggh.
    Might as well…

    Come to think of it, FS09, you SHOULD find of questionable integrity every single presidential aspirant who has had one or more of the following:

    (a) a pre-campaign (campaigning that the law says technically isn’t illegal since they haven’t been declared official candidates) PR campaign;

    (b) an advocacy that is suddenly shelling out shitloads of money to have “awareness” ads broadcast especially at primetime (even if they rarely advertised before);

    (c) a public service reminder that was never necessary or spent on in the past;

    (d) a product endorsement this year;

    (e) a current habit of publicity whoring for every excuse, whether to exploit an exposé, an about-to-flee-but-got-caught star witness with a hero complex who is now the opposition’s mascot, a bunch of sex scandal videos, some impending martial law prophecies, the ultra-electromagnetic intergalactic battle for democracy, the boobies of the current president, or shamelessly even the painful condition of a cancer-stricken former president; or

    (f) any number of bloggers working for him/her for paid praise and push.

    …which means pretty much everyone’s suspect, some guiltier than others, some grandstanding more than others, some more kapalmuks than others.

    Since they’re all getting away with it, I’ve found that posting my “artwork” here at Indolent has been quite relieving and somewhat therapeutic (for a few minutes), despite my fairly lousy Photoshop skills. Then I’m pissed again.

  3. And that answers my question how? I get it, every asshole running for a seat is one… But in a field with murderers, autocrats and do-nothings the best we can do is picking lesser evils. So is that wrong?

  4. IMHO, not at all. I’m a cynic so I feel for you there, man. But to attempt to answer your question, the result of which I could use as well, perhaps a scorecard is in order? Or a table with the candidate name on top of columns and infractions on the left? The least evil logically gets the least points. So like a game of golf can you get your winner with the lowest scorer?

    But ah, we have a problem sir. Suddenly, Panlilio and Villanueva have a tie simply because they don’t have money for paid exposure, and they can’t invite scandal personalities for grilling at the Senate so that they could grandstand as much as the senators do. (If they try such a stunt they will have drawn attention more towards the senators, so that’s counterproductive for them, I think.)

    Are you comfortable with either preacher? They seem the least evil.

  5. They have that scorecard thing in FV already. Best check back on it but if there\\\’s more dirt on MV go post.

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