RG Cruz is pals with the President

Today was a slow news day. Which is probably why multimedia giant ABS-CBN ran this story about how well connected their reporter RG Cruz is.

Well,that’s not really what the story is about. It’s about how President Benigno Aquino III doesn’t want to talk about his reported breakup with girlfriend and Valenzuela City councilor Shalani Soledad.

But you wouldn’t think that from these lines:

The President replied via SMS, “RG, let me preserve what little I have of my private life.”

Pressed further on talk linking him to a young TV reporter, the President replied, “not even sure I have met the individual.”

Reached via SMS as well with similar questions, Councilor Soledad told ABS-CBN News, “would rather not comment na muna (I would rather not comment for now) RG.”

It’s not so much that the story tells us nothing but that it tells us only this: ABS-CBN’s RG Cruz is on a first-name basis with the President.

It was a slow day for Google Image Search as well...


  1. A very “PROFESSIONAL” journalist indeed. If that “professional” journalist asked that question to presidents of civilized countries he will selling puto maya.

    But, hey, this is a 3rdworld country with 3rdworld minds. Why do I care!!! HA!HA!HA!HA!

  2. It is not a slow news day! They only have slow minds.

    If they wanted news, here are the clues:
    1. Check with NBI and asked them if the forensics on Ampatuan were done the way they were trained in Quantico;
    2. Check the difference between the original report submitted to ChineseGov and the eventual release of IIRC report to poor Filipinos;
    3. Why ChinaGov was adamant in floating their currency as recommended by the US as against Philippine Central Bank’s currency float;
    4. For Satan’s sake there are plenty of news out there but the three of the above are only for the Filipino geniuses (IQ of 65) in which majority of the Philippines cannot understand
    5. Maybe they are just waiting for tsismis or a whisper … meantime stick they stick to private lives of Benign0
    6. Why not check on philandering serial bed jumper Erap-para-lahat-pantay-hERAP’s latest gimmick?

  3. Here is also goot news that slow-mind “professional” journalists failed to wrap their brain around it: How much are the OFWs lost in strengethenese of the peso? What are its effect on their remittances and the economy and their lifestyles?

    All they have to do is THINK!

    Not perfecting their english.

  4. Gossips here in the Philippines sells. Intrigue sells. Suggestive innuendoes sells. Blind columns sells. FILIPINOS SOLD OUT! Because they CANNOT KNOW IF THEY ARE BEING SOLD OUT.

    It is all about the bottom line.

  5. Why do “professional” Philippine journalists call their president “noy”? Aha! Because idiot coin-operated peryodistas are making “Noy” humanely human as possible. And when they are in front of their “Noy” they call him “Mr. President”? HUH? Well, Filipinos are stupid. I AM NOT.

  6. Like what I told you guys, even DILG Puno barked along with the idiot peryodistas without evidences. THAT IS THE STYLE HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. Because idiot peryodistas jump on indiotic unsubstantiated pronouncements by all idiot Filipinos most of all by DILG PUno.

    Now Benign0 is listening to me: SHOW PROOF



  7. Forbes magazine named Gloria Macapal-Arroyo as the 41st powerful women in the world. NEWS NEVER MADE IT TO IDIOT PERYODIKO HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    Because Filipins journalists are busy honing their englischtzes to make them more viable, non-understandable using deep words, naming dead-poets and most of all practicing self-censorship.


  8. The criteria of grading Benign0 on his 100-day honeymoon was not “divulged”. Or may be suppressed. Or maybe the idiot peryodistas did not ask because they are so idiot to ask pertinent questions anyways.


  9. … SURE they know to ask Shahani if she is still a virgin …. HA!HA!HA! DUH! … the peryodistas also asked Benign0 if he he had failure to launch reason Shahani left him … HA!HA!HA! They know how to ask stupid questions but never intelligent ones.

  10. Huh? Reesa graduated in Princeton U? HUH? She graduated in America! HA!HA!HA! With her ivy-league education and goot englischtzes she did not criticize idiotic Ces Drilon kidnapping news blackout thoughting that Abu Sayaf might get angry and kill Ces! HUH? Are these the minds of FILIPINO IVY-SCHOOL GRADUATE?

    She even hinted she’s going to teach in Princeton U! HUH? This is friggin’ freakin’ news!!! She is going to teach Princeton studes that terrorists are publicity averse to kidnapping? HA!HA!HA!HA!Ha!

    She’s also going to teach that outing of Nicole Smith, picgtures, affidavits and all is a level playing field to Americans? HA!HA!HA!HA!Ha!

    I’d like to interview her before the board before she gets tenured in Princeton! OF COURSE, BEFORE THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!!! NEVER MIND THE FILIPINOS AND IDIOT FILIPINO MEDIA!!!! They are simply clueless of the rights. Errr, they do know the rights of victims but BOTTOM LINE RULES SUPREME!!!!!!

  11. Because ABS-CBN rating is going down, down, down! They do not care news is not vetted and fact-checked. It is about ratings!!!! And the victims are the idiot filipinos!!!! And the idiot journalists are mum!!!!!


  12. Why are coin-operated peryodistas who practice envelopmental journalism use “SLAM” “HIT” “P-NOY ANGERED” all those angry words find its way in the Filipino front pages and they HIT ME FOR ANGRY POSTS!!!! WHY?

    Who are idiots now?

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