RG Cruz is pals with the President

Today was a slow news day. Which is probably why multimedia giant ABS-CBN ran this story about how well connected their reporter RG Cruz is.

Well,that’s not really what the story is about. It’s about how President Benigno Aquino III doesn’t want to talk about his reported breakup with girlfriend and Valenzuela City councilor Shalani Soledad.

But you wouldn’t think that from these lines:

The President replied via SMS, “RG, let me preserve what little I have of my private life.”

Pressed further on talk linking him to a young TV reporter, the President replied, “not even sure I have met the individual.”

Reached via SMS as well with similar questions, Councilor Soledad told ABS-CBN News, “would rather not comment na muna (I would rather not comment for now) RG.”

It’s not so much that the story tells us nothing but that it tells us only this: ABS-CBN’s RG Cruz is on a first-name basis with the President.

It was a slow day for Google Image Search as well...


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