President Aquino leaves mobile phone at home

Imagine that you’re at work and you find out you left your mobile phone at home. It happens to everyone, eventually. You’re in a rush to go and just assume your phone is in your pocket like it always is.

Pretty embarrassing but it’s not like you can’t just rush home to get it. Besides, who’s going to miss you?

Now,imagine that you’re the President of the Republic of the Philippines. And you’re in the US.

Now imagine that it’s not 1999 anymore when people didn’t check their phones every few minutes.


  1. Wetaminit!!!! Who posted this thread?

    THE POSTER IS INSINUATING THAT Benign0 knows how to play with this thing? HESUS MARIA JOSEF!!!

    Benign0 cannot know a blueberry from a blackberry 🙂

  2. Benign0 left this gizmo after Obama declined his one-on-one invitation … 2nd reason, What if someone at the UN asked for his number and doesn’t know how to get it?; 3rd reason, with all the ignorance of Benign0, it is simpler to say, “My blackberry was left-behind”

  3. HA!HA!HA! Sun*Star is so clueless, like all idiyot peryodistas. All of heads-of-state always has a chaperon that screens calls to determine its severity of importance. DEFINITELY NOT IDIOT BENIGN0

  4. Renato,

    From the article, which I suppose you read before commenting:

    “House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte meanwhile made the assurance that the President is constantly in touch with his staff through text messaging or e-mail while he is representing the country as head of the state in the US.

    “I’m 100 percent sure that the President is in touch with the people here, not necessarily through his phone pero he’s in touch,” Belmonte told reporters.”

  5. I just txted Benign0 that Dr. Pacquiao’s Hummer has no license plate. No policeman or traffic enforcer or PMA graduate superentendent or West Point-trained PMayer HAS THE GUTS TO PULL HIM OVER AND GIVE HIM CITATION!!!

    It takes Benign0 to pull him over including wang-wangers and hotdogs and pitsas!!!!!

    Benign0 come home. Cite Dr. Pacquiao’s Hummer.

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