Filipina moms are getting sloppy

It hasn’t been a week since Plane Baby was found dumped in a garbage bag in a Manila airport and another baby has already been found in another garbage bag. This time in the rubbish bin in one of the toilets on SuperFerry 19, an inter-island passenger ship.

Sadly, the baby found on the SuperFerry was dead. The baby’s mother claims she blacked out as she was wrapping her kid in plastic and putting him in the garbage bag. When she came to, the baby had already drowned in the toilet bowl.

Inspector Jovy Cabcaban, head of the Bacolod City police’s Women and Children’s Desk, said the mother told investigators that she was wrapping the baby with plastic and was about to place him in a bag when she went unconscious.

Cabcaban said the mother denies that she intentionally killed and abandoned her own baby.

I don’t know how they do things in Bacolod, but wrapping babies in plastic bags and then stuffing them in the trash can counts for abandonment and being a sucky ass mother in Manila.

The mother insists that “Nawalan ako ng malay. Iyon lang ang kasalanan ko. Hindi ako nakahingi ng tulong (I blacked out. That’s the only thing I did wrong. I wasn’t able to cry for help).”

What the fuck, Filipino mothers? For a nation that gets most of its money from remittances by migrant workers employed as nannies and domestic helpers, we’re getting incredibly clumsy with our own children. It seems like when we’re not abandoning our children on planes, ships, and buses, we’re dropping them in the soup kettle.

No wonder more people in Hong Kong are hiring Indonesians as maids now. At least they just pee in the baby’s milk. That, at least, requires forethought, and a bit of malice. Letting babies die is just incompetence.


  1. @Anonylol: I know, right? How much lamer can an excuse get?

    @M: It’s silly how rampant abandoning babies is here. On the news, they found two more fetuses. Fetii. Dead babies. 🙁

  2. HA!HA!HA! 1tamad, the lamest of lame excuse is Ces Drilon Kidnapping News blackout. The excuse of the media was “we are not publishing the report so as not to anger Abu Sayaf”! HA!HA!HA!

    idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Abu Sayaf terrorists feed on publicity. HOW DUMB STUPID AND LAME CAN PHILIPPINE MEDIA GET!!!!

  3. @Renato Pacifico:

    What the– Your comment makes as much sense as that scene at the end of Kenan and Kel where Kenan tells Kel to get X, Y, and Z and meet him somewhere.

    I have noticed, Mr. Pacifico, that you keep attacking the media and “peryodista” for being idiots, etc. Being a “peryodista” in the real world myself, I take exception to what you’ve been saying.

    It’s really easy to second guess the media when you’re watching the evening news, or listening to an AM broadcast, or reading the news. New media has practically made it a sport.

    I wonder, though, how you would do if you were doing the coverage yourself.

  4. @1TAMAD, except you, the Filipin peryodistas are just so oblivious and clueless. Of course, you have read my post about this accidental revolution called EDSA “revolution”. Not one media deep thinking political analysts has ever pondered my EDSA Accidential Revolution diatribe. I sent these idiot columnists and they still believe EDSA was a revolution. The accidental Heroes the balut vendors, iced water vendors, unemployed, unemployables, bar-b-Q vendors were the first responders of the “revolution”. They were there not to revolt. They were there to get entertained and witness who’d be the victor between the squabbles of two corrupt camps: Marcos versus Ramos-Honsan-Enrile. Filipinos are not revolutionary type only in school textbooks that it extols the heroism of Filipinos.

  5. I just wonder who these “revolutionaries” were supporting. They know that Marcos, Honasan, Ramos, Enrile and others, who are touched by Marcos, are all corrupt. Everyone in Marcos’ administration are tainted. Of course “all” “everyone” is kind of sweeping, since majority of them are might as well sweep them in.

    When the critical numbers of vendors, tsismosos and tsismosas reach to a level in which they cannot be Ampatuanized, the oligarchs came out to play and grabbed the credit from the first responders, the lowly poor masses, politically branded it as “revolution”. Then the actors and actresses, they, too, renamed the “revolution” “People Power”. Then the church, they want it named “Miracle at EDSA”. Whatever. They came late and they get the credit.

  6. ZTE.

    Media’s idiocy at its best. A grand show of their festive ignorance. Foreign-educated-eductted, ivy-school-graduate, CEO Joey de Venecia. He came out of the closet ran to the idiot peryodistas and these idiots run the news without asking CEO Joey for evidences.

    Bill and Monica dalliance is already known in DC. Rumors and gossips are thick, that it chokes. Their peryodistas never published it because there was no evidence or pictures until the Drudge Report in their tsismis column.

    Then all hell broke loose.

    Oh, here is another one! Nicole outing! Nicole is a rape victim for christ sake! Please do not publish the name of rape victims, their picture, their affidavits.

  7. Ressa’s answer to the senate is disconcerting. It is OK to cover the chinese hostage up close and it was OK to impose Ces Drilon kidnapping news blackout to save her life! DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AT ALL!!!!

    The key word here is “responsible reporting”!

    JESUS! Mother of Satan, what is going on?

  8. All the possible scenarios I ran through my head point out that the mother is either an idiot or a infanticidal (spelling?) idiot. Either she found the baby already drowned and the best way she thought of to take care of the situation was to put the baby in a garbage bag or she drowned the baby.


    Same goes for the ones in the other articles.

    But I don’t think there was any real malice behind those acts. The moms there strike me as just really stupid.


    You know, you could just make your own blog instead of posting like that everywhere you go. It’s pretty easy too. The hosting sites practically hold your hand as you go about it.

  9. @Renato: Thanks for sharing (astig) It is very very enlightening. I wish I can contribute something that can help clean our mess.

    @onetamad: These are dark days indeed. Are we getting nearer to the end? I hope not. I still want to see positive change from this coutry.

  10. Anonylol, I started with Friendster. The audience is too narrow because they are there to socialize, hook-up and have sex.

    Putting up a blog is not easy. You start with 1. Then troll and advertise. Wheeas those existing ones they already have an audience, all you have to do is dive in and make a name scream your advocacy and on to the next one.

    Dude, you can find me anywhere. I have 12 followers in huffingtonpost in one month and an idiot filipino have me banned because I was telling the truth!

    I betcha that Filipino, like all Filipino, is a God believer who believe in “The Truth Shall Set You Free” HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid

    I held a placard one Sunday morning in our local church. In my placard screamed “WHEN ARE OUR PRAYERS ANSWERED! IT HAS BEEN 480 YEARS”. The idiot priest called the police. The police came. They carted me away and had my mental state checked! My friends were laughing. My parents were totally disappointed.

    In America, they sue, they protest, they demeaned Cardinal Mahoney for protecting child molestors on top of others and they were not hauled away. FILIPINOS ARE JUST INHERENTLY GENETICALLY STUPID!!!!!

  11. … they go to America to reap what the american devils has sown. DOESN’T IT MAKE THEM THE DEVIL, TOO?

    Above question is logical, but filipinos has low or zero logic. So they banned me. Ex-communicate me. Regardless, THEY ARE STILL DUMB STUPID STUCK-UP degenerate 3rdworld Asian Idiots.

  12. … 480 years and they still do not get it that their god do not answer prayers and they still pray. How dense can they get! And the church are now blaming the Filipinos not the god they are espousing that promised “ask and you shall receive” “Prayers are answered”.

    Is God a politician?!!!! HA!HA!HA!HaHA!

    Oh, I had a blog once before called BalitokFilipinos I raised so much furor that WordPress took it down!!!!

    That blog has plenty of wrong spellings, mangled grammars, painful truth. Many Filipinos who struggle with spellings and grammars came in to play because other blogs are so snooty about englischtzes. I JUST DO NOT KNOW WHY FILIPINOS ARE SO STUCK UP WITH THEIR ENGLISCHTZES!!!!!

  13. … my friends in Amereica told me that “patriotic” “nationalistic” Filipinos in AMerica do not even speakengese tangalog to their children. In fact, they are making their children to practice their englsichtzes on. That is why Filipino children in AMerica cannot know how to speakengese tangalog. Because they come back to Philippines and parade them before their friends with their children speakengese goot englischtzes para sikat. ANG SAKIT!!!!!

  14. Tony, the 3rd state should be the vehicle of change BUT they are spreading, propagating and perpetuating idiocy.

    We could have gotten PANDAK, if only idiot peryodistas know their responsibility. They skip the bungled investigators and its processes and attack GMA directly. In the rule-of-law, they already failed, like, totally flat on their face.

    The bloggers are the 4th state. An alternative to these idiocy called 3rd state.

  15. Because of their giddiness to attack GMA missing the process, now Benign0 is saddled with incompetents that should have been attacked by impeccably goot englischtzes speaking idiots called proud peryodistas.

    Like what I said, WHAT GOOT IS A GOOT PRESIDENT IF 99.99% OF FILIPINOS ARE NOT. Still ring true! Still hold true to this milliseconds.

  16. >”Dude, you can find me anywhere. I have 12 followers in huffingtonpost in one month and an idiot filipino have me banned because I was telling the truth! ”


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