Baby boy found alive in airplane cargo

Nobody likes being stuck on a flight with a crying baby but that’s certainly no reason to, I don’t know, chuck one in a garbage bag and put him in the cargo hold.

Sun.Star reports that airport authorities found a newborn baby among the cargo in an airplane from the Middle East.

A security officer noticed something moving in a garbage bag that was reportedly unloaded from a Gulf Air plane that arrived from Bahrain and found the baby inside, an airport statement said. The baby was later turned over to social workers posted at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The stork was busy, I guess.

The baby is okay for now. Department of Social Welfare and Development employees cleaned him up and gave him milk. The DSWD is now looking for his mother to arrange a reunion, and possibly to arrest her delinquent ass.

“I was simply outraged, no infant should be treated that way,” DSWD Secretary Corazon Soliman said. I mean, passengers are give headphones so they can watch their in-flight movies in peace now.


  1. >”Security officials brought the baby boy, who was covered in blood and wrapped in tissue paper . . .”

    What the flying fuck?

  2. The baby will have a future in the Philippines. The baby is tisay!!! NOT brown-skin-punked-nose!!! She’ll be the next Maricar REyes or Maui Taylor. As you all know, Filipinos prefer fair white skin. Look how much they spend on skin-whitening Glutathione and Eskinol Skin Whitening lotion with papaya extract just be looking like Caucasian.

  3. @Renato Pacifico: I don’t think that’s true anymore. At any rate, I like being brown. Shit, if there was a product that would make me even more brown, I’d buy it by the case.

  4. But where did the blood come from? What, did she give birth in the airport then chuck the kid in with the luggage or something?


    I like how you segued into another tirade against Flips that barely had anything to do with the article.

  5. @Anonylol: Maybe the baby is like a modern Moses.

    Maybe he’ll grow up to liberate OFWs and demand that the Middle East let his people go. After which, the RP economy collapses when remittances stop coming. Good job, plane baby.

  6. I dont know if this is a valid question or not.. But, Im wondering, Did the mother gave birth to the child inside the plane? How come nobody noticed her?

  7. @Anonylol: You could be right there. But then, had plane baby burst out of someone’s chest, that someone would not have been able to walk off the plane. Or at all.

    @Tony: That seems likely. Surely, bringing a baby from Bahrain to Manila would have required a lot more paperwork otherwise.

  8. 1Tamad, eksaktly! Filipinos are now buying skin-whitening pills called Glutathione and a bucketfull of industrial-strength Eskin Skin-Whitening lotion with papaya extract.

    I L-O-V-E M-Y B-R-O-W-N S-K-I-N Definitely!!!!!

  9. The mother of the child is from Aparri. She is a pinay. She soaked her seat with blood. She said she was raped by her boss. Got pregnant. Went home. SAD! SAD! SAD! The saddest part is she’s going to jail.

  10. Seriously! this should prove as a wake-up call to all FILIPINOs, and I mean not just the Elected and Appointed ones.

    This crisis has been happening since we got DEMOCRACY handed down to us. The country has been going down the drain because Majority of Filipinos don’t give a crap to do something to make their country even a little conducive to live and work in. And the Minority that is left are TOO CHICKEN SHIT to admit that they also don’t do anything but let the Majority do what they want.

    The mother illegally entered Bahrain from Qatar and who knows if she also illegally entered Qatar, out of the notion that she only wanted to seek greener pastures that she could not ATTAIN in our home country. Why? Because of our crapped-up system of government. She got raped multiple times by her ARAB employer and she could not tell even the RP embassy in Bahrain for possible fear of deportation, and there might not even be a trial. We vote for the ones who has less knowledge to run anything to lead our country, and I am not talking about the current president (With all due respect your EXELLENCY), I am talking about all of them who had gone through the same position. Something must be done and it MUST BE DONE NOW.

    FOr the love of God and Country, People please!!!, next election, VOTE for the COMPETENT and PATRIOTIC ones.

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