Too Soon? Gordon declares war on Noynoy

Call it a preemptive strike, or some sort of premature ejaculation, but the Indolent Indio received a press release from Bagumbayan Senator Richard Gordon pretty much telling Liberal Senator Benigno Aquino III to STFU.

To wit:

“How many more chances do you want? Ano ang kakayahan ni Noynoy Aquino sa local government? Hindi pa siya nasubukan ni sa barangay captain. Even in legislature, ano ang batas na nagawa niya na nararamdaman na ng taong-bayan?

(What competence does Noynoy Aquino have in local government? He hasn’t even proven himself as a village chief. Even in the legislature, what laws has he written that were felt by the people?)”

Gordon continued with his tirade, pissing on the Aquinos of Tarlac, saying “you have had in your family a president, a vice president, four senators, congressmen, governors, lahat ng pwesto sa Tarlac, pero how is Tarlac (all the elected positions in Tarlac province, but how is Tarlac)?”

Oh, no, you didn't...

And really, it’s cool hearing someone with enough balls to go–as the politicians like to say–, ‘hammer and tongs’ against everybody’s darling.

After all, Sen. Aquino’s alleged lack of experience has been one issue that has been dogging the poor guy since Day 1, and it’s time one of his opponents finally came out and said it.

Ditto the Aquino legacy of honesty, competence, integrity and love of country. I mean, if the Aquinos are so great, then Tarlac should be covered in gold, and not, I don’t know, the blood of farmers.

And that’s why it was saddening to get this follow-up email from his staff minutes later:

To everyone,

Pls. delete the first email with noynoy in the suject. There was a mistake in pasting the message.



  1. Alas, he brought himself to a lose-lose situation by performing (probably) the first mudslinging but not having the brass balls to hold his position… certainly didn’t have the bite that matches the bark.

  2. “To everyone,
    Pls. delete the first email with noynoy in the suject. There was a mistake in pasting the message.”
    I think the e-mail is a ploy to gain more attentions. Gordon press realeases doesn’t gain a lot of attentions from news writers and bloggers. Just a thought.

  3. Minutes after the press realease, Noy’s camp retaliated. Seems like they fell to the trap of brainy Richard Gordon. Noy doesn’t need Gordon, he is already leading in ratings but, Gordon needs Noy to improve his rating. Reality hurts. Truth is a nightmare.

  4. “Ely Maraon, Gordon’s media relations officer, clarified to GMANews.TV that they did not withdraw the press release, saying there was just a “misunderstanding” among them. He did not elaborate.” :AMITA LEGASPI

  5. Dude,

    Perhaps an adviser or senior staff thought that the statement would do more harm than good for Gordon and that’s why they wanted to have the statement withdrawn.

    On one hand, having a lot of friends on facebook is petty and Obama’s campaigners on FB might even chuckle a bit at their numbers (“What?! You guys are making a big deal over 200,000 fans? We have millions.”) Gordon may have been advised not to engage in a word war over such a petty issue.

    On the other hand, it is also in line with what he says and that is “the presidency should be earned through merit and hardwork.”

    I have an impression that you really don’t think highly of Gordon and you have your reasons.

    But even then, I think you’d agree that it is truly better to get ahead in life because you put in hours of hard work and delivered the desired results.

    This message resonates with me because I am a perhaps like you, a middle class worker who believes that if I work hard and work well, I’ll be able to improve my life.

  6. @pinoybuzz: I’m actually inclined to vote for him. I was assigned to cover the Senate for a year, and can vouch for Sen. Gordon’s work ethic.

    He’s proven himself competent and hardworking in both the executive and legislative departments. No argument there.

    He tends to be a bit too much a politician, though, with all the usual grandstanding and gimmicks.

  7. @onetamad, I’m not sure if there is a politician that doesn’t grandstand or resort to gimmickry of one form or another.

    I guess it’s really just a matter of how much you like or dislike a particular politician.

    I like Erap, though not as a President, and I find most of his gimmicks funny — even when they are not supposed to be funny.

  8. @pinoybuzz: unfortunately, not a lot of Filipinos are like you… once they like someone from the showbiz, they’d more likely than not vote for that person because of his/her influence… though I would admit that people should patronize their *ahem* works just so they would keep out of politics (and probably becoming our leaders)

    P.S. Some might say that I’m generalizing… well, it’s easier to get answers that way (just like your high school projectile motion problems)

  9. Do Filipinos even know Dick Gordon’s turnaround of SBMA?

    I can’t believe a guy like him with vision, solid execution skills, and untainted fiscal integrity be so lagging on the mindscape of people as a Presidentiable.

  10. pinoybuzz,

    I’d love to help but while my heart is pinoy, my passport is not.

    Also, it doesn’t help that I have first hand experience of the general apathy towards politics and governance – leading me to believe that middle/upper-middle class doesn’t care much. The President is chosen by the lowest common denominator of civil society.

  11. Mike,

    Speaking about the Philippine middle-class (or whatever passes for a middle class here), consider this:

    The rich (as with most countries) can get away with not paying the taxes that they ought to pay.

    The poor don’t pay taxes at all and yet most of the government funds are spend on them (free education, health services, housing, etcetera).

    The middle class, especially office workers, get a hefty cut in their salaries and they don’t get much from the government.

  12. @FreeSince: Yup, it’s on even on the serious news sites. Well, it’s on, anyway. I’m not sure if the other sites picked it up.

    @Myron: That’s how I felt as well. I was like YAY!!!! and then…WTF? It’s like when Gordon offended Thailand by implying that they are a politically unstable country (they are), and then he denied even saying it. Stick to your guns, man.

    Also, thank you for giving us a reason to support the Metro Manila Film Fest. 🙂

  13. @pinoybuzz: I get you on the doubtful electoral process, but that’s neither here nor there.

    Good point re: the middle class, though. Why is that?

  14. If Gordon constantly puts pressure on Noynoy to have more substance in his campaign and platform …. (on the “what to dos” on Day 1 and onwards), then Gordon (even if he loses) does the Philippines a favor….

  15. If Gordon constantly puts pressure on Noynoy to have more substance in his campaign and platform …. (on the \"what to dos\" on Day 1 and onwards), then Gordon (even if he loses) does the Philippines a favor….

  16. re: Gordon saying Thailand was politically immature, I think that he made a mistake saying that out loud.

    re: middle class shouldering most of the cost of government.

    Honestly, why is hard to answer. Ayn Rand wrote about it extensively in one of her books, but I can’t remember most of her explanation or the actual book that I read when I was still in college a long time ago.

    Among the candidates who actually said something about helping the middle class is… Mar Roxas.

    I made fun of his Padyak commercials and the hype around his romance with Korina, but, all told, he once said that if the country is to get any better than it is, it ought to find ways to swell up the ranks of the middle class.

    He didn’t explain how, though.

  17. Re: Middle class

    Well consider this: RIch people often make “donations” to politician’s projects, help fund reelection campaigns, etc. In short, it pays to be friends with high society. So why not show your gratitude in the form of, oh I don’t know, tax exemptions?

    When we refer to “masses”, are we referring to middle class or the poor? In the phils, I think poor still outnumbers the middle class. So where do you, as an aspiring politician, focus all your efforts? Of course, bet on the people that have the most numbers. After all, every vote counts, right?

    All the while the 9-5 person who thinks weekends are too short and that giving the government 2-6k every 15 days is still hoping for better public transportation or a more efficient system when getting a driver’s license.

    Oh well. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  18. What would Gordon do next? Take a shot at Manny Villar so that many (brainwashed) Filipinos will get to notice him?

    P.S. I’m getting scared of seeing people singing and dancing to the MV song when it is being broadcasted on air.

  19. yeah ryt..walang batas na nagawa si Noynoy na talagang bunga ng matama niyang pagiisip…puro co-author lang, kung meron man siguradong pinaka-unang kinalimutan ng bayan. Ang dignidad hindi pinamamana ng magulang sa anak, hindi bunga ng popularidad.

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