Too Soon? Gordon declares war on Noynoy

Call it a preemptive strike, or some sort of premature ejaculation, but the Indolent Indio received a press release from Bagumbayan Senator Richard Gordon pretty much telling Liberal Senator Benigno Aquino III to STFU.

To wit:

“How many more chances do you want? Ano ang kakayahan ni Noynoy Aquino sa local government? Hindi pa siya nasubukan ni sa barangay captain. Even in legislature, ano ang batas na nagawa niya na nararamdaman na ng taong-bayan?

(What competence does Noynoy Aquino have in local government? He hasn’t even proven himself as a village chief. Even in the legislature, what laws has he written that were felt by the people?)”

Gordon continued with his tirade, pissing on the Aquinos of Tarlac, saying “you have had in your family a president, a vice president, four senators, congressmen, governors, lahat ng pwesto sa Tarlac, pero how is Tarlac (all the elected positions in Tarlac province, but how is Tarlac)?”

Oh, no, you didn't...

And really, it’s cool hearing someone with enough balls to go–as the politicians like to say–, ‘hammer and tongs’ against everybody’s darling.

After all, Sen. Aquino’s alleged lack of experience has been one issue that has been dogging the poor guy since Day 1, and it’s time one of his opponents finally came out and said it.

Ditto the Aquino legacy of honesty, competence, integrity and love of country. I mean, if the Aquinos are so great, then Tarlac should be covered in gold, and not, I don’t know, the blood of farmers.

And that’s why it was saddening to get this follow-up email from his staff minutes later:

To everyone,

Pls. delete the first email with noynoy in the suject. There was a mistake in pasting the message.



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