Indolent Internet Weekly Digest 3

Every weekend, Indolent Indio comes out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.)

Quality, quantity and content may vary.

Brought to you in part by C.P. Garcia Fine Fashion

Brought to you in part by C.P. Garcia Fine Fashion

Group pickets outside Belo Medical Group clinic over botched butt job.

Free as in speech: Actual cost of that “free” iPhone from Globe Telecoms could reach up to P119,976.

Our Awesome Planet seeks out the origin of Lechon Bread: bread in the shape of a roast pig (but still bread.)

Sort of related: a defunct blog reminisces on Orange Swits.

Elsewhere in fun food, chipper cupcakes. Fist-sized orgasms for your mouth.

Batang Baler mourns the commodification of Baler, Aurora in the form of “pirated” inauthentic statement shirts: “If you buy this shirt, you’re probably gay and not from Baler.”

Japanese fast-food joint Teriyaki Boy talks down to Chicken Mafia’s Joyful Chicken: “Puro hilaw po yun. Okey lang?” (“It’s all raw. Is that okay?”)

(On a personal note, my girlfriend and I have shunned TB after their Gateway branch poisoned us with bad sushi.)

Blatant mining of the ’90s gangster in an Impala trope aside, this video by Dcoy feat.Artstrong & Luke Mejares is, as they say, hella tight. Uh…

The Siege Malvar’s How To Put Make Up on Dead People. Big Band and blush-on. God…damn. Not sure if trap.

Humanap ka ng Pundit: Joey De Venecia calls House Speaker Prospero Nograles a “leadership totally out of touch with the will of the people.” Because, you know, his dad was never the president’s lackey.


  1. Heh. Thanks for the mention.

    And LOL at the botched butt augmentation surgery. Hey, I know a nonsurgical, cheap and effective method of butt augmentation. It’s called Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

  2. Orange Swits!
    That name rang a bell and when I checked the link, it is what I had in mind! Man, I haven’t had those in decades. I used to nibble on those when I was a kid when we travelled to the provinces. It was no substitute for real citrus, but I wasn’t looking for citrus – I was a kid. Ah, fond memories of a life far less complicated.

  3. Hi,

    Im interested to order cupcakes from you. I will be sponsoring my friend’s wedding favors kasi.I f you could please e-mail me the price w/the entire package na incl the box etc..Minimum of 100 pcs,date would be on oct3,2010.chocolate flavor.

    Hoping for your immediate response.



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