Roxas’ secret weapon against Con-Ass: garlic

Sen. Manuel Roxas II has gone from “Boy Padyak” to “Boy Bawang” with his recent gimmick on the Senate floor: wearing a garland of garlic while he railed  against the Con-Asswang (Constituent Assembly Monster, but the cleverness is lost in translation) in a privilege speech.


He later distributed garlic to his fellow senators as a symbol of their opposition to the Con-Asswang, presumably some sort of vampire-like creature that sucks the lifeblood out of people. So, congressmen, basically.

Political gimmick! *hiss!*

Political gimmick! *hiss!*


  1. From the article: He added that the President should order her allies in the House to stop this “stupidity.”

    Heh. Railing against stupidity while wearing a garlic necklace… oh the delicious irony.

  2. While Mar Roxas may have completely abandoned all prospects of keeping up a dignified public persona just to get a leg up on campaigning gratis and well in-advance of the others, you gotta admit: as he had cleverly predicted, the media loves this sort of grandstanding and so gave him free exposure again! Being Korina’s beeotch seems to be paying off.

  3. @joyful chicken: said delicious irony will taste like Sunday morning fried rice, I bet you.

    @Ramon M.: It was a smart PR move. After all, he’d have been buried in all the usual statements if he didn’t do it.

    And, really, it takes balls to let yourself look like a fool just to make a point, so kudos for that.

    Sen. Richard Gordon got him on interpellation, though. Gordon kept badgering him to declare that if the Con-Ass is an evil monster, then, similarly, everyone who voted for it is also an evil monster. He didn’t take the bait, though.

    Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel, Jr, on the other hand said that that would have been a disservice to actual monsters.

  4. There’s an Inquirer column that states garlic can’t do shit. It’s actually pissing on the roadside that repels aswangs.

  5. Leave it to Senator Mar Roxas to make another Grandstanding act just to tell people how good he is as a detractor. As usual he is “Theatrical” besides being an “ALL BARK NO BITE”. Senator, This Country needs people who are leaders that lead in a positive way. The reason why your party ditched you in favor of Noynoy, is that they knew you cannot win just by being “Mr. Palengke”. All these talks and no action are really pissing off a lot of intellectuals, well considering that your followers are non-intellectuals, it suits you, let alone you marrying Korina Sanchez who by accounts was the former GF of you running mate. What does she feel now, that you were ditched as second best right after you proposed to marry her? And I would like to ask, Why did you have to propose to her in “PUBLIC TV”? Why not in “Private”. Ang Plastik mo talaga.

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