Real Men

What is a man? If you answered ‘a miserable pile of secrets,’ then you are a bigger geek than we are and you need to get out of 1994.

Alucard. Not a real man.

Alucard. Not a real man.

But if you have been following the drama over at Tunay na Lalake, you’ll know it takes all sorts to make a real man.

The drama is believed to have started over at facebook, where men who like men accused the ‘real’ men of sexist macho shit.

The ‘real’ men retaliated by claiming that men who like men simply do not understand real men.

This, of course, is like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull. Or waving a [insert sex organ] in front of [insert gender demographic corresponding to the aforementioned sex organ for maximum sexist joke].

Meanwhile, women, real or otherwise, remain unimpressed.

–premadonna (not a real man)


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