Facebook is now officially broken

Facebook used to be the thinking man’s answer to the retardedness  of Friendster and Myspace. But as we have learned (if only vaguely) from high school science class, the universe tends towards entropy.

We all knew that Facebook was bound to fail eventually. But just like a nicotine junkie slowly filling his lungs with tar, we ignored it and pinned our hopes on science finding a cure for lung cancer in the very near future.

But this is it. This is the high-water mark, this is where the wave will finally crash. We thought it would be the inane applications that would do it, or the Filipino translation that you can’t figure out how to turn off. But in the end, it was Man. Because Man destroys everything he touches, even,  eventually, himself.



  1. annoying nga eh. nagiging parang friendster na ang facebook simula nung nag-join ang karamihan ng pinoys. observation lang.

  2. stoxbnx3: Your observation is sadly accurate. We do tend to break the Internet one social networking site at a time. Luckily, there are many of them. I hear that Tagged is the next big thing.

    anouk: Moar liek last touch, amirite?

    miss choi: I think she just snuck in the “??” to keep the reader guessing.
    Was she serious? Was she joking?
    Was she having some sort of seizure?

  3. I was planning to delete my friendster account and just settle with my Facebook just so I wouldn\’t have to get spasms from getting messages/posts/comments like this anymore:

    \"guRrrL!! mUzta n U?! mUzta n LUvLyFF??? mIz U n soOoo mUchhh!!! sN gmIk ntn???\"

    But no. There\’s.just.no.escape.

    It\’s the most annoying thing, seriously.

  4. I think the best thing to do is to disassociate one’s self from people who use words like “gurl” and multiple exclamation and question marks after every other phrase. We might have to take a drastic and violent solution and just take these people out of the equation once and for all. Who’s with me?

  5. The question marks after the extended mwah seems to suggest an image of drunken mad lovemaking one minute then getting suddenly shockingly sober the next. Funny, actually. 🙂

  6. Well, to be perfectly objective about it (which seems like a contradiction), my mental image of her sudden sobriety is. It’s like catching yourself by surprise.

    Her honest, unguarded nobrainer-ness characteristic of social networking sites isn’t. Too many of us go on autopilot without the mandatory clean underwear. Much cause for embarrassment.

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