Overpopulation blamed on darkness

Catanduanes Representative Cesar Sarmiento has a rather parochial approach to overpopulation.

Which is not to say it isn’t valid, it just isn’t as sexy as throwing rocks at the (Papal) throne.

Sarmiento says overpopulation should be blamed not on the Church but on the boredom that forces people with no access to electricity to rut in the dark like animals. Quoting some Filipino saying, he says darkness breeds romance and more.


His solution, then, is not contraceptives, but electricity.

Instead of spending funds for condoms, contraceptives and injectibles, the money can be used for the electrification of the non-energized sitios so the population will not grow faster and keep the people active and busy.”

The idea is not without merit. But he shouldn’t expect any t-shirts made in his honor.