Overpopulation blamed on darkness

Catanduanes Representative Cesar Sarmiento has a rather parochial approach to overpopulation.

Which is not to say it isn’t valid, it just isn’t as sexy as throwing rocks at the (Papal) throne.

Sarmiento says overpopulation should be blamed not on the Church but on the boredom that forces people with no access to electricity to rut in the dark like animals. Quoting some Filipino saying, he says darkness breeds romance and more.


His solution, then, is not contraceptives, but electricity.

Instead of spending funds for condoms, contraceptives and injectibles, the money can be used for the electrification of the non-energized sitios so the population will not grow faster and keep the people active and busy.”

The idea is not without merit. But he shouldn’t expect any t-shirts made in his honor.


  1. The intelligence of Filipinos is bottomless and immensely intense. If he were tolkin’ before homeless ski-draw denizens in America he’ll be laughed out back here in the PHilippines.

    Ang pagkabobo sa Filipinos is genetics. Lookit, congressman pa ang bobo ng pangisip. PLUS, binoboto nila si Pacquiao boksengero …. PATAY ANG PILIFINAS …. PLUS BOBO NGA PERYODISTAS …. IMMENSE AND BOTTOMLESS IDIOCY IS PERPETUATED …..

    VIVA FILIPINAS!!!!!! I’m lovin it! Lovin’ irresponsible belief in religion and practice of democracy … AVIVA LAHAT!!!! hip! hip! hip! WoWoWieeeee

  2. Mismo si Reesa Princeton U ang puta ni graduate pagkatapus cannot know the difference between idiotic “responsible” idiotic Ces Drilon Kidnapping news blackout versus irresponsible coverage of hostage crisis …

    Filipinos have plenty of ivy-school graduate abroad pero mga oplok!!!!!!


  3. HA!HA!HA! Anonylol, when it comes to sex ALL PEOPLE IN PLANET EARTH are hypocrites. They do it, yet, cannot talk about it. They do it, yet, cannot watch it. They do it, yet, lie about enjoying it.

    Jesus Christ had Saint Peter consult with me because of souls waiting in line to pass thru interview to the gate of heavens. I advised Saint Peter, just ask one question. Ask them about sex.

  4. The problem now arised. Saint Peter texted me that since he asked about their sex lives, NOT ONE HAS PASSED THRU THE PEARLY GATES OF HEAVEN. Because all of them lied about sex.

  5. As you are well aware about fairy tale stories of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were totally naked in Paradise. They never desired each other’s bodies until Satan offered them the apple. . . the rest is history …

    Adam and Eve were kicked out from Paradise. You never heard stories of Satan, who planted the apple tree, ever being kicked out of paradise. . . God and Satan lived happily forever in Paradise.

  6. “when it comes to sex ALL PEOPLE IN PLANET EARTH are hypocrites. They do it, yet, cannot talk about it. They do it, yet, cannot watch it. They do it, yet, lie about enjoying it.”

    The Europeans are open about sex.

    PWNED, bitch.

  7. @matinik, Europeanese are the least religious people in the world. They should know whereof they came from. Europeanse were raped by religion when St. Paul went to Rome to build his Basilica in Vatican. On his way there, he left blood and gore on his trail.

  8. @1tamad, Yep, biblical “history” is a fairy tale story. Church Mass in the Philipines has deleted “Ask and you shall receive” so as not to deceive Filipnos of asking God,which they have been asking for the past 480 years, and, turned out that Filipinos themselves has to work their asses off to receive what they have asked and their god gets the credit for their hard work. Whereas, our neighbours who never asked from their God has left Philippines in the dust.

    Another phrase that is now deleted in church mass in America is the “eternal damnation in fiery hell” because to civilized intelligent Americans that is pure torture.

    Story of Noah’s ark is also deleted from catholic school. Because the story allude that God has impunity to indiscriminately waterboard people.

    GOD IS A WANTED MAN IN THE CIVILIZED NATIONS for torture, waterboarding, illegal eviction of Adam and Eve, and harboring a fugitive in Paradise called Satan.


  9. Since Filipinos still believe this thing called God the reason they practice cruel and unusual punishment and get away with the crimes by tithing heavily to God a form of bribery. That is why Filipinos are inherently corrupt.

  10. Practitioners of religion are the very cause of corruption. Got Crime? Tithe! And, Tithe heavy. And God will take away the sins by talking to Ombudsman not to prosecute the crime.

    Doncha love God?

  11. “Practitioners of religion are the very cause of corruption.”

    Russia is the most corrupt nation in the world, followed by Vietnam. Then there’s China.

    Oh shit another one of your dumbass generalities is wrong again.

  12. The generalization remains true. China, Russia and Vietnam despite their corruption still smokes Philippines. They use corruption for goot use, Filipinos use corruption to buy properties in America.

  13. America and Europe are awash with corruption yet they are still ahead. South Korea is corrupt. Japan is corrupt. They are the least religious. There is something in their corruption that catapults them into G7 membership. Whereas, Philippine corruption ….

  14. “The generalization remains true.”

    You generalised on the origin of corruption, not whether it’s put to good use or not.

    So no, dumbass, you’re still wrong.

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