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Room 509 Senate of the Philippines , GSIS Bldg., Financial Complex, Pasay City

NEWS RELEASE                                                                       3 September 2009

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Gordon condemns killing of foreign couple; says it’s bad for RP tourism

Senator Richard J. Gordon (Ind.) today condemned the killing of a Filipino-Canadian and his Slovenian partner inside their home, stressing that this could indicate lack of security for tourists in the country.

Gordon said it is already lamentable that there are citizens of the country who are killed or robbed, but it is even more appalling when visitors of the country are victimized by these heinous crimes.

“These dastardly acts should be condemned to the highest degree. Instead of welcoming visitors of our country, it is lamentable that they had to be victims of robbery and murder,” he said.

The senator’s condemnation came after the murder of Filipino-Canadian Alexis Tioseco and Slovenian Nika Bohinc last Tuesday. According to police reports, the two were gunned down inside their house in Quezon City by three armed men they caught in the act of looting their things.

Gordon, a former tourism secretary, said it is the police’s duty to ensure the safety not only of the country’s citizens, but also of the tourists who visit the country.

In 2008, there were 3,139,422 tourists who visited the country. Gordon pointed out that even if the country now has the Tourism Law, which would develop and strengthen the industry, it is important that the police strengthen its security measures for tourists if the country aims to increase the current tourist arrivals.

“When we have visitors at home we treat them well, we give them the best of what we can offer and we take it upon ourselves to ensure that they are secured while inside our place. That is also the way we should treat the tourists in our country. Otherwise, it could affect not only the country’s tourism industry, but also our reputation in the international community,” Gordon said. (30/tgp)


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