Indolent Internet Digest 8

When the stars are right, Indolent Indio comes out with a short and hastily-done roundup of things we’ve found on the Internet (pinoy chapter, of course.) Quality, quantity, content, and success may vary.

Third World Truth is either good or sort of scary. In any case, it’s a blog that deserves watching.

An excerpt:

Now, when those clowns get to save enough after slaving in their corporate blow jobs, they can finally rent or perhaps even own an entry-level unit. They’ll struggle with payments, but they’ll do what they need to do to maintain that illusionary status symbol. Watch out for these guys in your family reunions. They’re going to borrow money from you at the first chance they get. It’s pathetic.


Congressional Observer, whose pictures we posted/totally stole this week, is a blog run from within the House of Representatives although certainly not by the House of Representatives. Here’s a throw-away line on former Akbayan Representative Risa Hontiveros-Baraquiel’s gown at the State of the Nation Address a few months ago: “Sorry but mas maganda ang mga gay companions’ get ups kesa sa iyo, mudra.”


Also, while we were sleeping, a video on the truth about the Cojuangco family went viral and infected us with the “truth” as presented by some dude with animation skills:

Indio: Bravo (no relation), who is a historian and is good at it, posted the video then took it down because “while I still do believe that we have a feudalism/padrino system that has to be crushed by empowering Filipinos through education, it is clear that the video indeed is promoting a sort of propaganda.”  And that is true, the video strays into silliness at times.

Here is a longer discussion by De La Salle University professor Michael Charleston Briones Chua on the “truths” in the video.

TL;DR version: “There is nothing here that is new for those who read Philippine History books.”


Also, more than 1,000 people have liked a Facebook page absolving murder suspect Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista, thus freeing up court dockets for other cases. Indeed, the Facebook page renders our justice system redundant.


A Facebook page supporting his sister Ramona Bautista/Revilla is not doing so well, with only 159 people liking it so far. Maybe her flying to Turkey instead of facing charges has something do with that. You can’t fool Internet justice, Ramona. We’re not stupid.


Also, we are not sure what is happening over at fake news/comedy website Mosquito Press. They’re showing photos of the 7-billionth baby. Is that the punchline? Are those fake babies?


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