Anti-Social Media: Think before you dick

This online editor better start thinking real quick and stop clicking Like buttons on Facebook.


Two staff members are about to hit send buttons on emails indicating their resignations.

This after only working six months or so for the news website that he supposedly heads.

What could be wrong in the office? Is it because the editor-in-chief is an award-winning journalist and is always willing to tell everyone about it? Or is it because the boss doesn’t make any mistakes at all, despite questionable news judgment?

No one knows. And apparently, no one cares, not even the top brass.

As a result, more than 40 or so employees have resigned in the past two years–a figure enough to fill up the current staff.

Exodus! Movement of Jah people!

Among those who left are two who have defected to another network, one who turned NGO, and one assistant who supposedly ran away with money. How much? Again, no one knows.

But one thing is clear: the company certainly wrote 30–or is it 20?–to that.


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