Actually, Twitter Troll…

Twitter is a great tool for keeping tabs on your friends and on things that interest you. It is also a great tool for being a tool.

Like so:

Blacked out her name because she's clearly a minor whose identity should be protected. At least we hope she is a minor.

Now, the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT) is sort of a big deal for many high school seniors, and the pressure of getting in is too much for some people. Still, that is a weak excuse for indulging in some of the most ill-informed sour graping in the history of talking shit.

Actually, @N___________, Republic Act 9500 or the University of the Philippines Charter of 2008 says passing the UPCAT does mean UP students can use your taxes. So does Republic Act 10147 and probably every General Appropriations Act passed since UP became a state school. Shit, government subsidy to UP even predates the Republic probably. More than enough time for you to understand that state schools are paid for, in part, by taxes.

Unfortunately, for you, @N___________, “just because” people pass the UP Law Aptitude Exam or get into the UP College of Medicine will also mean they get to use your taxes.

She hates UP and runs over homosexuals. What a classy kid.

ย Well, at least there’s that. Try not to drive through floods while doing that, though. You’re obviously even less informed than that other guy. And at least he got into UP.

Thx for the tip, Indolent friend Mrs. Dennis, Ang Taong Lobo!


  1. ^That Twitter troll is actually a young lady. But a young lady willing to run us over with a car her mom will buy her whether or not she gets into UP.

    That’s just mean!

  2. I did. I think some of them became trolls that populate the darker corners of this website, making sweet, sweet love to the more “experienced” entries.

  3. what really happened? why not tell the full story and let people decide for themselves if the young lady deserves to be called a troll. and isnt it immature of you to retaliate to an inexperienced kid? im not siding with anyone, because i also know that what she said are inexcusable. my point is: Bakit pa kailangan patulan?

  4. Yes, you are right. She’s a young lady and, I guess, deserves to hold her own opinions even though they are uninformed. I guess?

    But you see, the freedom of having an opinion, of free speech, even, means I get to have opinions of my own. Like her not knowing what she’s talking about because, well, UP uses tax money to keep running.

    Maybe it isn’t her fault. Maybe she wasn’t listening when they taught her about what taxes are. Maybe she was being “ironic.” I don’t know. I don’t even know her. And if I edited the pictures right, neither should you.

    I don’t care who she is and I’m not doing this to get back at her. I don’t need to. I felt, though, that I needed to point out that yes, actually, passing the UPCAT does mean UP students can use our taxes.

    There is no full story. She wrote something she probably thought was funny (or wouldn’t be leaked by her friends) and I wrote something in reply that I thought was funny. That’s about it, really.

    Or, wait, are you disputing my describing her as a troll? Because we could change that right now. What term would you prefer?

  5. Sana wag niyo na patulan yung bata. Bakit comment lang niya yung napansin? May mas malalang comment pa kaya diyan. Tulad na lang ng mga comment ng mga college students nung cheerdance competition. “Dapat lang manalo kayo sa cheerdance UP para hindi sayang tax na binabayad namin.”


  7. This is hardly bashing the kid. If anything, it’s informing the poor girl. I think both intended to be funny, main difference is one came off as a clever smartass while the other a spiteful simpleton. It’s a shame UP won’t have a go at her to straighten such level of thinking (not so much the tax part but the “even if I don’t pass, my mom will still get me a car” bit).

    Since we don’t know her, we can’t say if she’s a troll or a total tool. But I will suggest douche coz her 2nd tweet is pretty douchey.

  8. I agree that this post is not bashing the kid. And really–you have to understand what happens when you post something online. It means that people will have a reaction with what you say if they feel strongly (or even when they don’t) about it. And you can’t really do anything about it because you DID post in on a medium where people can read what you have to say.

    Lesson learned: we should share our thoughts more responsibly. Just because social media is there and is so easily accessible doesn’t mean that we should use and abuse.

  9. @chillthefout and noreally:

    Comments like yours give me hope that the Philippines is weaning itself away from its two primary takes on everything: misplaced anger and “X is so poorwawa.”

    Not all criticism is meant to bash. Bashing is easy. Pointing out flaws through what we would like to think of as smart commentary with a bite is harder. Getting it is harder too, so hooray for both of you!

  10. Dear kkk,

    Bashful – Characterized by, showing, or resulting from shyness, self-consciousness, or awkwardness.

    I’m assuming you didn’t pass the UPCAT?

  11. why not address her directly? the goal is for you to inform her not make her a “piece” to be criticized. that’s all thank you.

  12. Dude, seriously? I wish. I never even got past the Collegian interview.
    I passed the writing test, though.

    Thanks for the compliment, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

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