Anti-Social Media: Freethinkers game tabloid

When you live in an absurd world, it’s sometimes hard to know when someone is kidding. Like in the case of tabloid newspaper Abante, which apparently lifted a story from the website of the Filipino Freethinkers.

Sadly, that story falls under fake news, a form of comedy made popular in the early 2000s when the world was not yet such a silly place.


Satire: not our strong suit

Compare that with this story on, which quotes a group whose name sounds vaguely like Tagalog slang for that crud that accumulates on the tip of your penis if you’re a slob (or, as science-minded folks call it, smegma) .




Blogger MisterVader, who tipped us off had this to say:

It’s sad enough that you plagiarized an article from a blog without giving them a single ounce of credit. What makes this steaming pile of fail even worse is that you plagiarized a parody article and passed it off as news. That’s just depressingly pathetic.

Nobody can tell what this will mean for the Reproductive Health bill. Probably nothing. Some reporters are getting drunk tonight, though. That much is sure.

Thanks for the tip, MisterVader!


  1. While I do believe that journalistic integrity should be standard whether broadsheet or tabloid I do not think you have covered Krip Yuson’s plagiarism and Carmen Pedrosa’s gullibility.

  2. I see. I have only been visiting this blog in this incarnation for the past month. I believe my previous one was able to read those two entries. Wonderful!

  3. I know we shouldn’t rely on tabloids for meaningful info, but still. Here’s something seared into my memory from the front page of People’s Journal: “Her perpetrators must have fondled their throbbing crotches as her windswept breasts swayed…”

    Quite the dramatic and overly florid description of rape. BLech.

    I blush as I type this but, really, is this what gets people to read the news?

  4. @Anonymouse: Actually, tabloids should have information that is just as meaningful and credible as the broadsheets. Tabloid, after all, really just refers to the size of the paper the news is printed on. They shouldn’t be held to a lower standard because they’re “just” tabloids.

    That’s like saying drivers and workers who buy the tabloids deserve to know less about what is happening because they are “just” drivers. And that decisions they make based on the news they read are less important.

    I think you get the same news in a tabloid as you do in a broadsheet, just in a different voice. Specifically, the voice of that drunky uncle who looks a bit rapey and whom you never introduce to your friends.

    Also, I think I have actually read that very story.

  5. I agree. But the operative word there is “should.” As far as standards go, we probably don’t hold tabloids too high in regard.

    There’s a reason we have the term “tabloid journalism”, and it’s not because tabloids strive for integrity. Probably more because of Xerex.

    Anyway, know of any good tabloids around 😀 Preferably one I can read around my parents.

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